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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Good times about to roll

Horrendous (yes that's the word I would like to use) speculations all around.... people engaging in war of words over pricing and what not!!

That's the kind of stirr the expected launch of the Kawasaki Ninja 250 has been creating. But finally, Bajaj decided to put a stop on all the speculations and went online with this......

And going by the site...... it's seems that the Day is 7th, October, 2009
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  1. there is always a war of words before any such launch :) anything between 1.5 - 2.5 lacs is what it appears to be anyways :)

  2. Gagan Dude!!
    Welcome back to the blog mate!! Missed you a lot!!

    Well, if somehow the on-road price stays below 3lacs, it would be a dream price.... my eyes are all set ;)

  3. other than this...the new karizma has this striking resemblance with the ninja specially after the latest full front flare update!! :)i hope ninja lives upto everyone's expectations!!

  4. The specs of the new Karizma are pretty dissapointing... all the new Fi stuff and still the same bang!! Atleast with the carbed P220you are getting better performance numbers than it's Fi sibling... so the ZMR gets a price tag difference just for the Fi and fairing....dosen't please me at all!! For the Ninja... I've my fingures corssed for the ownership expreinces to go LIVE!! :D

  5. yessssssssss.....

    I must admit... no other bike release has excited me this much!! Even after knowing that I would not be one of the few lucky ones to get hold of the bike as soon as it get released.... and I might take quite sometime to buy this baby but still.... The Ninja 250 would be here in India and really that's an awesome Diwali celebration!!


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