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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Green Revolution

And it's a revolution to it's every nut and bolt

Of all the videos that I've seen, all the reviews and experiences I've read.... I can tell one thing... you really need to see the bike in flesh to get to know what it really is....

It really grows on you, fills your mind-space. Flip your legs across the saddle and you are really in for a surprise.... and a real big one to that matter.

The stance, the ergonomics have been conceptualized and developed to have full in the most stress free way. For example the positioning of the foot pegs are well balanced between sporty and being tourer types. They are not over-exaggerated as some of the implementations we have like the RTRs and the R-15s. They are just perfect. To complement that, the positioning and the height of the Clip-ons are also perfect.

A lot about the analog instrumentation are being said across the Internet, but in my opinion they add to the raw character of the bike. After all they would be more accurate than the Digital implementations that are currently the norm :) . Also, the Indian Fuel Injected version comes with a Tacho, an Odo, a trip meter and a Temperature Gauge. There's no fuel gauge only a fuel indicator which would tell you that you are running on it ;)

I've heard the sound of the bike a million times on the Internet, but trust me.... those clips are no way near it's actual sound. The sound makes it's intentions clear that it's a serious machine..... a real serious machine.

The throttle response of the bike is not quite there I would say coz I found the Tacho niddle movement was very much on the lines of my Pulsar 200. But the fact that the Parallel Twin is equipped with Dual Throttle valves and the baby revs all the way upto the 15k limit, hell we are in for a ride!!

The 290mm Petal Disc - Twin Piston Calliper up front and a 220mm Petal Disc - Twin Piston Calliper up back need no introduction and have made quite a lot of fans in a very short span!!

The seat height and the ground clearance is very much on the lines of it's bigger siblings and as soon as you are stride the Ninja you know that this baby is one hell of a tilter. I felt the bike lighter than my Pulsar 200. My feet was touching the ground completely and that really sparked a lot of confidence right there. Also the seats are quite comfortable and I'm guessing in both short city rides and also in long touring rides, the seats won't play a spoil sport.

The IRC rubber on the machine would do it's job perfectly, but felt that cosmetically a 150 section up rear would have looked a killer (but again that my personal opinion and the current 130 section rubber is not bad either).

The fit and finish is top notch and the new Matt Black finished exhaust looks quite refreshing, but I really feel that we can't take this bike to our crampy office parkings..... this baby needs it's space and we should respect that!!

As of color options, there are only two available - Ebony Black and the Ninja Lime Green, but going by Meenakshi's feedback, it's the Green that rules coz it kept her eyes glued :)

At gurgaon the on road prices is 2.80 lacs, but the before you get to hold the key you need to wait around 45 days for the Ebony Black and a wooooooping 135 days for the Kawasaki Lime Green!!

Given all the various permutation and combination of life and responsibilities that we have, but still want to have our own space and our own ride, this machine is the first step towards the full fillment our dreams!!

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