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Sunday, October 18, 2009

High Speed Madness

Today went to visit our relatives @ Bhiwadi. Missing out on the bike on our Chail trip, I had already made my mind that the visit to Bhiwadi would be on the bike. A distance of 43.6km as per Google Maps and that too mostly on NH8.

Google says, it should be around a 51 minutes drive. I had Meenakshi as my pillion rider and my Brother-in-Laws were on a Honda Unicorn.

Once past the Toll Plaza, I don't what happened to me... I just blasted off and BANG my bike was at 105Kmph @ 8K rpm. After some initial shudder, Meenakshi was quite like a sleeping baby!! She was really enjoying it to the fullest.

While leaving home we where anticipating that we would be taking at least an hour or an hour and a quarter to reach Bhiwadi..... but we took arround 35mins.

The return journey took a bit long because of a really patchy tarmac and some heavy vehicle on the way.

But all in all in was great fun blasting off at high speeds... that's the first time I've done that with Meenakshi riding with me. She's really a dream pillion rider to have!! The bike really kept herself well and really had a good time herself. Past 6k rpm, she just floated on the road and went really smooth!! Max I reached today was 111kmph...... a real high speed insanity.

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  1. there u go...i wud call that your first real RIDE!! :) keep pushing!!

  2. Gagan Dude!!
    Really bro.... it was so much fun...!! Looking forward to more such oppertunities. :)

  3. Hi Sajal,

    I follow your blog now and then.
    Dont you mean 'pillion' rider instead of 'penal' rider?


  4. Jai Dude!!
    Thank bro for being their!! Typo rectified :)


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