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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Trip to Chail

Frustrating situations at office, cunning situations in personal life.... all left me gasping for a breather!! Then all of a sudden out of the blue..... Meenakshi called me one day and said some of her office colleagues are planning for a trip to Chail on Bikes. I was like "hmmmmm.... trip to Chail on bike!! Sounds like fun... but let me think". A quick Googling revealed that the proposed destination was 360km from Delhi (which would mean around 380-390km from Gurgaon). Then again the trip was supposed to be of 3 days - the weekend of Gandhi Jayanti. With my bike having issues with the front brake, I decided, I wont be going on my bike, if ever I decide to go.

Discussions with Meenakshi and colleagues revealed that this trip was exactly what the doctor would order for me. I was mainly sceptical about the trip because of two factors - a 8 grand plus overall expense for the trip and the fact that I've never driving such long distance and that too there would be mountain track coming on way. But finally decided to go for it. Got the car serviced for the trip and there we were 6:00 am 2nd, October morning...... the trip began.

The entire group of 13 assembled at Delhi near Pitampura and off we went towards NH1. The trip was planned by Dhruv (amazing fellow and with a real big heart). In my car there were Meenakshi, Rajneesh (a must person to have as your friend) and I. Rajneesh was utterly frustrated with his day to day driving and was in the trip just to ride bikes. But as luck would have it, except for a couple of ocassions in Chail he was with us giving me tips and guiding me through my drive (nobody can ever imagine how help full his guidance was and how much I learnt).

Speaking of bikes.... the bikes in the trip were -
- Yamaha RX 135 (modified and fitted with front Disk and Proton Exhaust)
- Two Hero Honda Karizmas
- Hero Honda CBZ classic
- Yamaha FZ-16 S

The cars in the trip were -
- Maruti Suzuki Wagon R
- Hyundai i10 Kappa Magna

After a couple of hours of dash on NH1 we stopped at Punjabi Dhaba for our break fast.

I would say it was quite a forget full break fast, but the tea was good. After having the break fast and those "ultra greasy Parathas", it was time for a real real long dash towards chail. The time was around 9:00 - 9:30 in the morning.

We stopped for lunch after crossing Kalka at Shivalik Resturant, just when the hill track was beginning. A small restaurant by Himachal Tourism. Amazing Daal I they have I would say!! Really charged us up for the remaining trip. Next we stopped at Gyani Da Dhaba. Another amazing place but alas it was ultra full with tourist and we had to leave the place for two reasons - one we went there to have tea which due to the rush they were not serving, and second the smell of Chicken Tandoori was driving me crazy..... so, just leave the place before I turn insane and attack the kitchen ;)

After leaving Gyani Da Dhaba (without having tea) we were on the lookout of another outlet Raj knew where we could have tea. From the weather conditions and wet tarmac it seemed that it had rained over there and the weather also was awesome. So, we reached another small restaurant to have tea and pakodas!! Yummy!! From there the next stop was straight to destination.

All the way to the destination, Raj guided my how to drive on hills, how to navigate blind curves. Really his tips helped me a great deal and also the confidence he showed on me knowing that I was driving on hills for the first time. We reached the Jungle Liveinn Camps at around 8:00 PM. First look at the place and we were like - "WOW", cute looking tents, comfortable beds... what else more one could have asked!!

We freshened up, had some tea and sat by the Camp Fire. BANG!! Druv started with his guitar :)

He even got the other guests over there drooling with his jamming!! He played and sung and we sang together.

Next morning it was all adventure - Wall Climbing, Flying Fox, Burma Bridge, Commando Net, Firing, Rapling!! Fun..... Reall Fun!!

After all these fun.... it was time to loosen up on the dance floor ;)

Next morning.... we were all tiered and were willing to stay a couple of days more, but it was time to leave!! But what a fun filled 3 days they were... really!!

I was really fortunate that I met this group.... my kinda people.... so fun filled, so humble and zero attitude!! One thing which this trip taught me was that....... One should always try to do things which he things that he can't do!! Really I mean it :)

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  1. had a nice outing eh?...:D...looking out for mine now but dunno when it'll happen.Nice report btw...

  2. Srinidhi Dude!!
    Thanks Bro.... plan your fun trip ASAP... in the very oppertunity you get ;) good chances are a very rare sighting!!

  3. Looks like you had a lot of much needed fun and some relaxation. A nice learning experiance driving in the hills although I do think next time you should take the bike!! A nice 240 mile trip..although I think a trip that distance is something done more comfortably on a bike like mine...or maybe for you on a Ninja 250!!

    - Doug

  4. Doug Dude!!
    Yeah man really, I really felt bad that I had to miss my bike on this trip and missed all those extra fun I could have had!!

    Ninja 250 is definetly on the list, but when.... it remains to be seen :)

    By the way.... I guess it's that time of the year when your bike would be resting for the cold!! Any last ride offlate?? :)

  5. I wish I had a last ride..so far it has been far too cold and rainy to attempt it. I am waiting for that one last weekend where we get temps back in the 60's. It has been 40's and low 50's for a few weeks. So much for global warming!!A few places north have gotten snow already. Poor girls will be put up for the winter earlier this year than last.

    - Doug

  6. Doug Dude!!
    Early winter this year!! Must have ratteled many a biker's last rides for the season!!

    Well over here...... the seson of bikes is just begining.... when the sun won't shining hard to boil off your juices.... and you get astride the saddel.... crank the lady and the good times start rolling ;)


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