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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cross-Plane Beckoning

The 2010 was launched with no changes in specs and a Special Edition with Rossi's M1 color theme.

The 2010 Auto Expo in India is round the corner and there's every chance that Yamaha India might decide to bring the Best Yamaha R1 ever to India. I've always paid more attention to engine specs when looking into a vehicle and since there's no difference in that respect in the '09 and '10 versions of R1, which ever comes, it would be a scorcher!!

With Yamaha's D-Mode selection, YCC-T and YCC-I, this bike is a rider's dream. Previous versions of R1s where more for the pros who have had their acquaintances with this league. But with D-Mode in place, even the first time super bike riders can enjoy the fun and thrill without worrying much about the beast going out of control. I've read about people who bought the '09 R1 as their first bike and never ever had any riding issues with it. From the safety perspective, I guess inclusion of ABS would have been wonderful..... but anyways, a little practice in privacy can sort many things out ;)

There are not many '09 R1 owners around the world too, and it's not because there is something wrong with bike, it's because the league of R1 is such that nobody what's to let go off his precious and economy does not allow everyone to own all versions of R1 at the same time. But really, this is one litre class bike which being in line, sounds like a V-Twin and performs like a MotoGP. You can't ask for more. More than technology this bike is a thought process, a thought to give a street rider the advances of the race track, a thought to give a street rider the opportunity to feel his bike more and know his bike more, a Thought which we know as Cross-Plan Crank Shaft... the Magic of Irregular Firing Order... the Power of a linear throttle graph!!

The Falcon eyes are all set to and aimed at Indian roads and terrain. The big question is.... what would it take to own one of these!! The gray market price with all taxes paid (after confirming it from KRP) is around Rs13.5 lacs. Let's see where it stands in white

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  1. The 2010 R1 should be in India soon.. Yamaha India has recently officially stated that the 2010 R1 would be launched in India soon

  2. @Payeng Dude!!

    Long time bro!! Where have you been??

    Well, once it gets launched.... that's the machine to go for!! The most technologically advanced Inline four liter class!! Wonder if they ever gonna decide on manufacturing these machines in India to bring down the prices


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