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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ducati Gurgaon

Narrowly missed the opening ceremony of the Ducati Showroom in Gurgaon and seeing the crowd diarrhoea decided to leave the visit for some another day!!

So, today got some time in hand and decided to make a quick trip to the showroom (quick because I knew the price tags of the ladies and the wanting eyes of the Sales Manager would make the visit quite injurious to the biker sentiments!!)

A very neatly maintained showroom I must say, equally par to the Yamaha Showroom at City Walk Saket, New Delhi. As soon as you enter the show room you get that intense and classy feeling that you should get when you visit any Italian Vehicle outlet. Yes, this is an outlet because all the bikes on display are directly for sale on down payment.

I was told that they also had a 1198 which was sold at a tag of more than 21lacs on road and that also on cash down payment!! Really the Delhi NCR has some real rich bloaks dwelling ;)

As usual what caught my eyes was the Ducati 848 (man I'm such a sucker of the sports class!!). Everything about the bike is like a sucker punch on the face... be it the styling, the digital console, the Single Sided Aluminium Swing Arm or those massive 320mm 4-Piston Caliper Brembo Radial Front brakes.

The Monster, the Street Fighter.... WOW!!

There are Ducati apparels too!! A particular Helmet attracted me but the price tag of 22k brutally murdalized the attraction (guess that helmet came as a CBU too directly from Itally)

Well, this place is a heaven for the rich..... I'm real rich people who know what they are going to get for a price tag in which they can start affording a Merc (well the showroom next to it was for Mercs but was a pretty deserted one ;)!! )

One thing that the Sales Manager said that there is no comparison between a Ducati and a Yamaha because Ducatis are the sexiest!! Totally agreed on the looks.... Italians create on the most stunning creations.... but what about out and out performance!! On the MotoGP circuit... Ducati and Yamaha are the arched rivals!!

So, what say people, Ducati or Yamaha!!

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