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Friday, December 25, 2009


The after effects where nothing near to the one when Pandora opened her box..... but we were left awestruck and gasping for breath by the Imagination levels and technical wizardry of Cameron!!

Cameron's imagination of Pandora in a state of daze!! The story, the performances and the effects, fills your heart and mind. And above all the messege in this movie quite a hard hitting one!!

The only spoil sport was played by the Movie Theater in providing those pathetic 3D glasses which prevented us from having that goose bumps experience!! It's one movie that nobody should miss ever!! AVATAR should be on your list any day ;)

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  2. I am hitting the multiplex this sunday.. hope they provide good quality glasses

  3. I would suggest first you take some feedbacks on the glasses before you go!!

    If the glasses are good, then it's gonna be an experience you would remember for long!!

  4. I saw it last week in 3D, glasses we had were pretty good I think, plastic at least not paper frames. Movie was visually spectacular. I thought the story was a little predictable and the underlying preachyness of it..capitalism bad environmentalist good type of stuff Hollywood always does. Easy to look past it though and I did enjoy the movie. The time flew by other than I had to pee at about 1 hour so that was in the back of my mind for the next hour and 40 minutes!! Certainly worth seeing on the big screen.

    - We got 14 inches of snow this weekend!!


  5. Dougy Dude!!
    yeah if I would have known that the glasses would be that bad, I would have taken the glasses I had from IMAX when I saw Journey to the Center of the Earth at Regal Cinema in Licolnshire!! :)

    14 inches of Snow!! Time for you to sit at your house office and have firey Buffalo Wings and Beer which has been chilled by keeping at the outside window!! :D


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