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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Too much to be an Idiot

Watched 3 Idiots last night and I must say that -

1) It's a completely different league from the Munna Bhai franchisie
2) Please don't compare it with any bit of Munna Bhai
3) Parents please don't feel shy to watch and enjoy this movie because this is what your Adrenaline Pump house kid is going through and yet enjoying in his/her college days!!

A true and very immaculate story telling of the college life ..... or should say Indian College Life. Easily the best movie based on the College theme which would easily set the viewers rolling on the floor!! For example the Speech scene, a very common gag, but the way the entire scene has been thought and executed makes it looks fresh like a hot cake and you start gulping it and enjoying it!!

Amir Khan, boy he can make himself look different!! All the characters were just awesome... even Kareena Kapoor for that matter..... in most of the movies she makes me feel yucky.... but she looked fresh in this movie!!

A big thumbs up to Rajkumar Hirani!! AMAZING
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  1. Awesome Movie Boss.!!


  2. Payeng Dude!!

    Even that line makes me laugh!! :D


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