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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Auto Expo 2010

Yesterday Big Bro and I went to the Auto Expo 2010. Well 2008's Expo was quite a fun and both of us were quite excited to visit this one.

On reaching Gate 1 at around 10:00 am, first thing we noticed was the general ticket's price tag - Rs.200!! Straight away double the last year!! Big Bro had some backup plans for the gate passes. So, he decided to use those backup plans, made couple of calls and we were asked to come at Gate 7 (some 1.5 - 2 km away from Gate 1)!! Well we chated our way through and reached Gate 7 and got the passes. The first big thing we noticed on entering was Maruti Suzuki :) So, preferentially we began 2010 Auto Expo with Maruti Suzuki.
So, here's my this years collection for the Auto Expo -
2010 Auto Expo - Cars

2010 Auto Expo - Bike

Auto Expo 2010 (Bikes)

2010 Auto Expo - Babes

Auto Expo 2010 (Babes)

Moving ahead with the experience at the Expo, by the time we complete Maruti Suzuki Stand and a couple of more Automotive Ancillary Stands, it was around 12:00 pm and we decided to have our lunch because the long walk to Gate 7 left us quite hungry. We finished the lunch the as quickly as possible, but by then we were LATE!!

The next big thing were Halls 6 and Hall 7 were most of the Car and Bike manufacturers were displaying their biggies and around these halls we saw a huge Tidal Wave of crowd coming towards!! After that what happened was a constant struggle to get in and click the photographs and then get out!!

As the time went, the efforts became more and more stifling with the guards around getting fisty with some of the pushers around, simple arrogant, pubert and smart-ass youngsters (and that includes both boys and girls) pushing through. All this seemed to be small enough... so some highly intellectual morons from Yamaha India decided to invite Valentino Rossi on and weekend followed by Chevrolet who decided to invite Saif Ali Khan!! Both came, posed delivered speeches to the media (who get paid to chat and see these celebrities and know their views) and people like us just got a glimpse of Rossi (somebody saw his hair and somebody got to see his super microscopic version from yards and yards away!! And for the crowd... well the behavior just left me thinking as to are we really living in a "Metro" city which is perceived to be civilized. The crowd was not just ruthless with the fellow visitors they just trampled the Pragati Maidan garden!! They went so un-controlled, that one of the door panels of Hall 7 just gave off and the security and police personnel went for Laathi Charge!!

This is what was happening outside Hall 7 when the left door pane gave off!!

Even at the DC station, Mr. Dilip himself took the lead and was requesting people to behave and maintain order!! How shamefull!!

So, with some real soare and bruised emotions (Big Bro and I were un-hurt) we decided that we've had enough of this crap of an Auto Show, we returned back, with Yamaha (and my dreams of seeing the 09 R1), Bajaj, Harley, Honda, Hyundai, VolksWagon, Chevrolet, Mercedeze all remaining UN-SEEN!!
For the next Auto Expo.... it's gonna be on a Week day and during Business hour for some serious coverage!!
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  1. guess i did well in skipping the expo altogether and utilizing the time elsewhere in this bloody freezer outside!! :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Things are getting out of hand.. the venue becomes a "Kumbh Mela" during the weekends and non-business hours.

    Maybe they should limit the number of people entering the area.. maybe hand over limited number of passes for a certain day.

    Otherwise I see its a potential diaiaster in the making.. someday.

  4. Gagan Dude!!
    Imagine Big Bro and Me... all excited to see the 09-10 Yamaha R1, zooming through the chill and returning without even getting a glimps of it!! :(

    Payeng Dude!!
    Really, if something is not done and the way things were managed in this Auto Expo... this was just the trailer of things to come

  5. thanks for the pics bro...btw,can't do much about ppls behavior.Man, they should learn some manners.I dont like to say this but the fact is there to see.No matter how educated the person is,their behavior is what counts.It's shameful for sure...


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