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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Republic Day - Are we ready for it

Was watching the Republic Day celebrations on the television when the commentator said "We all Indians feel a sense of pride seeing the strength of our Country!!"

"Sense of PRIDE" and not "PRIDE" in itself that we feel today. Is that only whats left today within us. Is that what my ancestors laid their lives for.... is that for what my Grand Father laid on Ice with needles inside his nails..... is this "SENSE" is a scratch within our gray matter that is programmed to occur on 25th January of every year, when we are killing and hunting down our Country's constitution and Sovereignty like wild ducks and that includes me too!! We go to buy tickets for the Republic Day celebrations at Jan Path and behave like wild dogs at the queue just to get the tickets first.... just to get the better seat than the person ahead of me.... or behind me... is that's how a sovereign state should behave like!! I give a damn to my National Sentiments and just because my On-site counterpart can't understand what's Indian Republic day is and wants his job done on high priority basis and I wag my invisible tail and say..... anything for you BOSS and I overkill my subordinates!!

I go out in the traffic..... and begin my rampage spree... and the Constitution, Sovereignty, and every other national feeling dies a thousand deaths on the road and lies their like an unclaimed body with me looking at it's lifeless body, smiling and spitting at it and then moving out and saying to my "B****C*** was trying to be over smart..... this is India.... live like an Indian"

I'm very eagerly waiting of my neighbours to shove a missile up my ass and then I would feel that.... wow.... I'm an Indian I feel so proud of my self!!

Today is Republic Day..... all I wish and pledge is that I would try to take one step at a time one small respect full step at a time, to make India a place, a sentiment, a Nation that it should have been by now, so that even if we didn't get to live in an India we deserved to live, we pave the way for our children. If my thoughts make the difference to at least 5 persons in their lives.... and those 5 could bring a change within 25 more.... that would just be the beginning!!
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  1. For the average Indian virtually every day is a struggle for survival.. this competing streak has made us somewhat occassionally insensitive.

    But still we are at least much better off than many lawless and failed states of the world.. lets celebrate at least for this.

  2. Payeng Dude!!

    Absolutely and very true. But the simple thing that unecessary aggression and insensitvity shown and the wrong place, on the wrong people and at the wrong time, makes me feel that we are moving micro one step closer to such failed states and the even sader part is... we are not ready to listen and understand :(

    But yeah... the fact that we are still better than many others and the fact that we still have a chance is a reason enough to celebrate :)


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