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Friday, February 19, 2010

2010 MV Augusta F4

Have been a huge fan of the MV Augusta F4 since I first saw it in a movie.

The 2010 MV Augusta F4 has been released and here's what our friendly Neeves has to say about it (boy I love his reviews)

From my point of view.... apart from the stunning looks, there's more under the hood.

With the power being raised upto 186HP @ 12900rpm it means that the 2010 version of the F4 is more manageable through the rev range (with the peak comming up at high rpm instead of arround 8-9K rpms), but at the same time since the weight of the machine is also brought down from it's 2009 version - dropping by 22lbs to a dry weight of 424lbs, which translates to the fact that with more manageable bike it still retains the brutality F4 is know for.

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  1. Payeng Dude!!
    "See Through Photo".... that's a nice term actually for these Exotic and Powerful Ladies!!

    But yeah... the 2010 version of the F4 exuberates eligance, oomph and power all at the same time... and going by Neeves' review... it's an absolute stunner!!

  2. The F4 is as sleek as an arrow.. but I am actualy more impressed by its "naked" sister. The Brutale!!


Item Reviewed: 2010 MV Augusta F4 Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Sajal
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