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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Save Our Tigers

A wonderful and immensely moving representation of the gravity of the situation that we have in our hand!!

(In Hindi)

We have already lost so many wonderful species of wild Flora and Fauna, but the sad part is... we are still not understanding the fact, that we have only one Planet, one Home and we are destroying it for our present!!

(In English)

But, what Present is it.... chocking, hot and full of pollution, with no bright future for our children. We have become so blind in our selfish day to day fight for survival and we have become virtual cannibals and we are destroying our own legacy!!

I as an Indian, as an Earthling, request to the human race, Please for God's Sake, stop this rampage and save our Planet, save our Wildlife, else our future is a nightmare with open eyes and it's our children who would be facing it and cursing us for bringing the nightmare upon them. There's still hope let's wake up and pledge to start caring our Mother Nature..... a little care in every sphere that's all She wants.

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  1. Thanks for reminding.. I'll do my small bit too

  2. I really pray that our small efforts do reach at least to one person and makes him think!!


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