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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yamaha FZ16 of sorts!!

Went to a very highly recommended bike mechanic today to discuss some of the braking issues I was having with my P200 off late. Not only I got the braking issues resolved wonderfully, I also got to see some very fine modification work done on a Yamaha FZ-16. Here it goes -

Yamaha MT-01 Head light assembly

Doctor 46 Handle bar grips

Custom Handle bar support and handle bar. Also, notice the tank protector

Rear disk and custom kick lever
Front Twin Disk

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  1. Cool stuff.. especially the twin front discs. Wish there had been a few more photos of it

  2. If I would have take more pics of it... there would surely have been the BIG '04 Fireblade alongside (a part of the Honda logo is visible in one of the pic) which would have totally taken the focus off this FZ!! :D

    Well no pic can define as to how this babe looks in flesh... completely awesome!!.... the best is still in the making... the guy who owns this bike, is working on it's engine to make it Fi

  3. hi i like ur modification specialy ur headlight and dual disk and me too wana do this type of modifiction in my r15 so can u tell me from where u got dual disk and what is the total amount u spend on disk
    and one thing more have changed the rim also plz mail me at aditaya.chopra@gmail.com
    warm regards

  4. Hi i really liked the modifications can you tell me where in delhi you got these done and how has been the performance.
    Karan Gupta (gupta.r.karan@gmail.com)

  5. Hi i really liked the headlight and rear disk brakes can you tell me from where did you got these done

    1. The bike belongs to the official ThrottleQuest.com motorcycle advisor Mr. Iqbal. All the work that you see has been done single handedly by him.

      Please do get in touch with him for more details, and I'm sure you won't be dissapointed :)


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