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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend G2G

Well, some weekends are just weekends, but some weekends are more than weekends!! Today was one such weekend.

A weekend G2G was organized by Sunny from Xbhp to review a Super bike. We didn't knew what bike was supposed to be reviewed but the idea was a plain G2G and discussion.

Started at around 6:00 am from home and reached the destination at 6:28 am at the Kutubh Institutional area. And there it was Sunny with a Honda CB1000R.

Truly speaking, I was a bit disappointed to see the Honda CB1000R. I was expecting something faired and something that's slated to be launched in India. Moreover, Street Naked Bikes have never been my taste actually. So, I decided to give the video review a skip as I was not 100% enthusiastic about the bike in question here. But it's not that I dislike this bike full on and there no positives in this bike from my point of view. Some of the features which I do like are -

1) It's probably the only Japanese bike to feature a single sided swing arm like the Ducatis have.

2) The engine note is just awesome!! Copy book Super bike.

3) A monstrous 100Nm torque means that this bike is very practical for Indian conditions and being naked, the heat dissipation would also be good. Again with 123.37Hp of max power, this bike has all the usable power that an Indian biker can ever exploit in Indian conditions.

Old Fox trying out the CB1000R

So, having given the video review a skip, I walked around, listened to what others have to say about the bike, chatted with a few of them to know what they actually thought about the bike and to say the truth..... there were mixed reviews. So, as the day progressed, more and more bikes started to pour in!!

That's Ken's Black 2007 Yamaha R1

Well the day turned out to be a G2G for Ninja 250s :)

Intruder Alert... Literally :o

Ken with his son and his R1

Taking about Ken, boy I missed to click the video of the way he rode off with his son. In a flash of a second he just went ballistic. Really it requires some skill full riding and experience to do that with a beast like the R1.

Well at around 8:30 am, I decided to call it off a day at the G2G, as on a Sunday, it's not good to leave wify alone for long for safety reasons ;).

But really what a day it was, to meet persons like Sunny, Ken, Old Fox in person, to chat with them about bikes, about riding about pros and cons!! I say no post is enough express the excitement of being there and of-course seeing some of these monsters in flesh and their engine note!!
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  1. The exhaust note of an inline 4 is really something right..??

    I get a feeling that one day you will walk into a showroom and walk out with an exotic beauty..

  2. Payeng Dude!!
    Yeah man.... my ear drums are still humming with the exhaust notes I heard yesterday... from Ken's R1 and the Intruder, the Ninja 12R and of course the bike of the day.... CB1000R... nothing can be commented about them... they can only be felt :)

    Thanks for your wishes bro!! You are one guy apart from my wife and Doug (and sometimes my elder bro:)who has always encouraged me for my Superbike dream!! :D Thanks for being there man.

  3. Encouragement from your better half..?? Wow..!! Lucky..!!

  4. hehehehe :D yeah lucky!! she's more mad than me to get the big lady in ;)

  5. That R1 just looks like a man among boys in that picture! Have you been able to get out on one of those Ninja 250's yet? I still think that bike lends itself well to the riding conditions over there near you. That R1 really needs some open air to get the most out of it. I'm sure one day you will end up on one though! I do love the shot of the guy on teh R1 with his kid on the back both fully geared up.

  6. Doug Dude!!

    Yeah that R1 had a monsterous presence and in that area with lots of trees arround and open air... and the exhaust note!! MIND BLOWING :o

    He does take his bike out on National Highways.... has touched 274 kmph max :)

    Yeah thanks man for your wishes.... once the car loan gets over I would be really thinking of something


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