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Friday, April 30, 2010

Chris Mania - Coverage

What a mind blowing day it was yesterday evening!! Chris going in full swing.... you can't ask for more.

I mean I can't believe my self that yesterday I shook hands with the MAN and greeted him - "Hey Chris... Hope you are liking it in all the heat here!!" I also can't believe that he responded with a laugh and replied - "It awesome.... well you look all sweaty.... you definitely need a Red Bull!!" and we both burst into laughter :)

Such a famed personality... and so humble!! Really amazing

The toys of performance. It was really mesmerizing to see this machines in flesh... in spite of the fact that we have seen these millions of times on videos.

When I clicked this pic, I had no idea what he was going to do with it later :)

The two cylinder architecture as all the muscle to knock you day lights off when in action!! Believe me... it looks small... but it's huge :o

Gasing the baby up

Well I was expecting the Pulsar 220 S to be up for the show... but I didn't see it anywhere used by Chris

Just a stroll around

Well even Chris needed some getting used to on our Desi Rickshaw ;)

The host of the evening.... Ran Vijay

Sunny from Xbhp!! This is one person whose presence tells you how big this event was!!

Javed and Handa from MTV Pulsar Stunt Mania showed up in the evening too!!

Before the final showdown Chris preped up a bit, but the slippery surface didn't allow him much canvas.

Finally it's Show Time

The Entertainer really charged up the flooding crowd big time!!

I can still feel adrenaline through my brain!! What a Person, What an Entertainer!! CHIRS PHIEFFER
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  1. Kya baat.. Kya baat.. Kya baat..!!

  2. Where's the video dude..?? bring it on

  3. Payeng Dude!!

    I've updated the two videos I shot in the post!! Really what an evening it was.... simply mind blowing!! :)

  4. man this guy rocks....u guys need to check out his BMW ad video..Stunting on top of BMW HQ in germany.Amazing video..

  5. Jeev
    Dude... yeah, that video is in my collection since long!! Amazing artistry I would say and that also at such heights!! :)


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