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Saturday, May 15, 2010

14th May - World Motorcycle Day

Why do we ride..... Why is the right wrist is the muscle we love to exercise?? Well for all of us who love our bikes and love to ride our bikes, we have a really special place in our heart for our machines... no matter how of much Cubic Capacity she is, or how much Bhp she pumps out.... it's simply a mystical bond between the rider and the machine!!

I do not enjoy bike stunts (even though I totally enjoy the awe stunts create), simply because majority of the stunters I've seen doing stunts do that on stock bike, without respect to safety of themselves and people around and that really becomes a torture on the bike. I do not enjoy commuting on my bike, because I really feel myself teleported to some kind of Zombie land, with no heart beating for the machine I'm riding!!

I love talking with the machine with every gear I shift, with every throttle I wrist and when she is enjoying it... I just push her harder!!

It's not that I never made the bike feel uncomfortable, it's not that the bike never tricked me, but every time, it was me who proved to be the weak link connecting the saddle and the handle bar.

It's when my Life Partner wishes me Good Bye for the day, it's then my Ride Partner wishes me Greetings.

It's my Motorcycle and it's her Day.... the World Motorcycle Day!!
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