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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bajaj Discover 150

Bajaj Auto Ltd. yesterday launched a new variant of the Bajaj Discover series - the Bajaj Discover 150. Well the news was out yesterday only, I was waiting for the Bajaj Official Site to come up with the details.

So, now basically the Bajaj Stables has two 150cc Horses - the Bajaj Pulsar 150 and Bajaj Discover 150. I think it's the first time in Bajaj in the 150cc category, that Bajaj has two bikes in this category, with the only difference that the Discover is DTS-Si engine and the Pulsar 150 is a DTS-i engine. So, let's see how these two stand up infront of each other - 

So, from the above comparison it's clear that the Bajaj Discover 150 (rather 145cc) is definitely not a performance machine. It's more a commuter with a bit more tang!! Much like the Achiever for the Hero Honda.

But at the same time, there is one aspect of the bike, which can easily leave the Pulsar 150 surprised!! At an astounding 22Kg lower weight than the Pulsar 150, the Discover 150 can easily zip past the Pulsar 150 at will and also, that the max torque 12.75 Nm coming @ 5500 rpms means that the Torque band is much much more usable in city riding conditions, which clearly marks it more apt for city riding. Also, the absence of any kind of contemporary styling on the bike also makes the message clear that it's more for the Non-Enthusiast Commuter class.

One thing in the bike which I think shouldn't have been included is the(what should I call it??) - Disk Brake Fender!!

I mean who said the Bajaj designers that this is gonna look cool on the bike!!

Well apart from this, the bike is pretty descent Discover package and should do well with the commuter folks and on top of that Rs 46,000 ex-showroom in Delhi... well this 150cc might give a competition for market to even a 100cc!! :)
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  1. funny disc cover/fender right?


  2. Really funny for sure :)... really what the Bajaj guys were thinking!!

  3. actually such mud protectors do appear on off road bike.. maybe that was the idea.

  4. tanong ko lang po...kung kelan maglalabas sa pilipinas ng kawasaki discover 150 o pulsar 150 bajaj?bakit po ang tagal?

  5. Complete Indian Roadies Bike Dicover 150 Cc..........


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