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Monday, May 17, 2010

World Motorcycle Day G2G

Some rides just go beyond the definition rides, some rides become a relationship. Yesterday, on 16th May 2010, the XBhp community embarked such a ride, to commemorate the World Motorcycle Day. From start to finish it was like a continuous emotion in motion!! Even wifey enjoyed it to the fullest!! :)

Yesterday it was not at all about bikes, in-spite of the presence of such monstrous machines like the Intruders,  Triumphs, Busas et al!! Yesterday it was simply all about the Brotherhood we call Bikers and the Culture we call Biking

In the scenic green of the XBhp farm, each and every moment like absolute bliss. Yesterday the community sense of being a Biker grew more strong in me, as much as the community sense of being an Indian.

It was a day that I would like to remember a long long time to come!! :)

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  1. Intruders, Triumphs, Busas et al!! wow.!!

    So when are you getting you two set of exotic wheels..??

  2. Payeng Dude!!
    Really bro... need to work towards it quite a bit... in order to pile that kind of money!!

    or just for the heck of it...

    how good is the thought that most of the Big Bike makers start their production in India only bring the price tag down to half ;)

  3. Hmm.. maybe slowly things might head in that direction. You might be aware that Kawasaki makes the Ninja 250R, ER6N/F series of bikes in Thailand..

    maybe someday the Japanese makers will look at manufacturing and exporting from India as well (you must also be aware that HMSI in fact exports the CBF Stunner EFi as the CBF 125 EFi to the UK)

  4. Payeng Dude!!
    Yeah I knew both the facts!! I guess the only thing that stopping the flight of the pigeon is the array of sick government norms around projecting India as commuter country X(

    I really hope the scene changes pretty damn soon!!

  5. So is this official? World Motorcycle Day is on the 16th of May?

  6. @Ben
    Well, one doesn't need any special day to celebrate the spirit of motorcycling, but yeah just to enjoy the camaraderie of motorcycling, we celebrated that day as World Motorcycle Day... much like we have World Ride to you Office day in UK :)


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