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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rossi Crashes

Well June,2010 is not going right for bikers it seems. Day before yesterday it was me and today it's Valentino Rossi.

Today morning Valentino Rossi suffered a massive high-side crash during the final practice session for this home race at Mugello circuit, Italy, and ended up with having his right leg fractured.

"Valentino Rossi’s 2010 MotoGP world title hopes disappeared today when he suffered a broken right leg in a huge high-side crash during final practice for his home race at the Mugello circuit in Italy this morning.

The reigning world champion was viciously thrown from his factory Yamaha YZR-M1 machine at the fast entry to the Biondetti chicane shortly before the approach to the final corner."

The news article said that Rossi was not even able to stand up and was is great pain and was clutching his right leg.

What a blow this is for Rossi himself and all his fans who rally wanted to see the Doctor rip apart the corners. Now the question is will Jorge Lorenzo be able to put it for Fiat Yamaha team, and more than that, in the absence of Rossi, will Casey Stoner be able to set the circuit ablaze for the year 2010!!

Image and News courtesy - MCN
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  1. You Fell..?? Hope you didn't hurt yourself much.

    The other day even I had fallen off from my friend's avenger.

    Although the fall was not a major one, post the accident, I have become very conscious of how I ride.

  2. Payeng Dude!!
    As I said in the post too... June seems to be a bad bad month for riders :)

    The crash did took some major toll on me rendering my right knee immovable for a full 4 days :( you can imagine to brutality of the crash from the fact that the right leg guard melted in the region where it skidded on the tarmac :) Well recovery would take some time as both the right knee and elbow suffered major loss of skin and tissue exposing the flesh underneath!!

    Really Payeng dude, the conditions in India are such that, no matter how safe a rider you are and how advanced your bike is.... the conditions here are just so so vague that no technique and technology is safe here!! All boils down to the rider, the more cautious your the more you would be postponing your next crash... you can never prevent it ;)


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