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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Suzuki GSX-R1000 and Bandit launched - Part 2

Priced at 8.5 lacs ex-showroom Delhi, the Suzuki Bandit 1250S is for the ones who love weekend long rides.

Even some would that a 1250cc engine banging out just 97bhp is less, well the question is, how many Hayabusa owners have ridden the machine to 300kmph on street till date? I say none amongst the crop who are still living and riding. Again with a max top wack of 233 kmph, the Bandit 1250S has all the ingredients to make your ride a real fun ride.

But in India is never about the top speed a bike can attain. It's always about the rideablity, and the Bandit does it with grace. With the peak torque of 108.5 Nm coming at 3700 rpm, means that you are never short of ample torque in your city riding and during your day to day commute (well if you can manage that!!).

The single piece handle bar, comfortable seats and accurately place foot pegs are all perfect ingredients for a long, enjoyable and comfortable ride in all terrains.

The bike also sport grab rail and center stand with which all Indian bikers would be able to relate and which again shows how relaxed the entire package in itself.

Between the 2009 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 and the Suzuki Bandit 1250S, the Bandit is a much more practical bike for Indian conditions and would suit the Indian bikers very well. So, finally between the two things boil down to personal choice as both the bikes are very well equipped street bikes in their genre, with the GSX-R100 facing competition with the R1 and the Fireblade, the Bandit has no direct competition as of  now.

So, the choice is open, let the engines roar!! What ever one chooses, ride happy and ride safe :)

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  1. Right said, the Bandit 1250S is a very practical bike.

    But Suzuki have missed an opportunity by not bringing in the Bandit 650.

    Ay 8.5 lakhs, the Bandit is still way out of reach to most desi bikers. the Bandit 650 with a lesser price tag could have made more sense to many bikers

  2. Payeng Dude!!
    With the number of Hayabusas and Intruders off late I've seen on Delhi roads, I don't think Suzuki would be at loss with the Bandits. There are pleanty of enthusiasts here who have the money to back their enthusiasm!!

    But yeah at 8.5 lacs (you get a Honda City at that), not many ignition keys would be handed over :)

  3. NCR is filled with loaded guys.

    Would be interesting to know what cars/4 wheelers these guys (who ride bikes like the Hayabusa and the intruders) have


  4. What's up dude? Did you get to check out the GSX-R and the Bandit in Delhi?


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