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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bajaj Pulsar 135LS gets facelifted

Bajaj launched the Pulsar 135LS in Indonesia with a difference -  
  • A two piece rear fender
  • Open chain with sealed O-ring
  • Modified Saree Guard
No points for guessing that the bike looked way more cooler than it's Indian counterpart which had all the performance numbers to send the adrenaline racing through your body, but lacked a bit in the looks due to the rear fender.

Well Bajaj, is known for providing small packet of surprises and thus all of a sudden, out of the blue, Bajaj launched the face lifted Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS.
Well the two-piece rear fender definitely looks fab on the baby Pulsar. The question of how well it would do it's duty in times of rain, well I think it should be usefull becuase the angle of both the fenders seems right for the job.
There have been no doubt what so ever in anybody's mind regarding the performance of the 4 valve configuration of the Pulsar 135LS. It's an out an out winner in it's class and many be it's one step ahead of it's league.
The addition of the sealed O-ring fast becoming a de-facto standard these days amongst Indian bike manufacturers and good thing that the baby Pulsar gets it in it's asthetics and performance enhancements list.
 Some of the earlier images of the face lifted Pulsar 135LS released over the internet, didn't show the crash guard, which I found confusing. I mean, it's not uncommon that many bikers feel they should remove the crash guard for cosmetic reasons, but how can a bike manufactuerer of the stature of Bajaj miss this out. Well Bajaj hasn't missed it and it's very much there in the market release.
Really the good old DTS-i has come a long way and the stage is really set for some thing big. With the way Bajaj is collaborating with big International giants like the Kawasaki and the KTM, and with the class of refinements Bajaj is bringing in it's bike, the days ahead really look very promising for the Indian biking on the whole.
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  1. Your blog has got face lifted too.


    If possible take the baby Pulsar for a test spin. its quite a plucky performer

  2. Suggestion: How about shifting the background picture to either the right or left (to show the bike/rider more)?

  3. Payeng Dude!!
    The Bajaj Dealership over there is very funny about the baby pulsar. Everytime I go and ask them about the test spin, they say they have only one piece for display everything else is coming on prior booking... and blah blah!! But I'm hoping I would be persuading real hard this time when I go to place my bike for repairs.

    For the background pic.. yeah I also felt that the same. Experimenting quite a bit with the new template. Hope I'll be able to figure something out of this!! :)

  4. How old are these pictures? I bought bike just 2 days back and am facing a serious problem with this new two piece rear fender as the mud spills on bike while riding making bike completely dirty with mud. The image you attached to display this rear fender has an attachment to block the rain water and mud spill on the back seat which seems to be missing in my bike. Whom should I ask for this? Is this the latest feature introduced by Bajaj? I am very much disappointed by just this problem. Rest I am quite happy with the performance as of yet.


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