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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ducati Diavel

A all new avatar of a devil is set be unleashed by Ducati.. the Ducati Diavel.

The very first look of the bike tells you that the final product would not be as sober as the bike is looking right now. The final thing would be one bad ass, loads of attitude Duc, which would be having only one aim... annihilate anything else which stands in competition.

Built on the genes of the Ducati Monster series, the first look of the bike suggests that the genome has been taken light years ahead of it's predecessors. If I need to define the word humongous to anybody, I would just show the rear tire of this monster. Just seeing that and knowing the Ducati does not only make eye blasting gorgeous bike, but they are one of the most thought after machines you can get withing the gravitational limits of this planet, just imagine the power capacities of the engine, that this wide tire would be providing traction to.

For the sport bike bugs like me, Ducati stretched our grins to the limits by showing us the Ducati 848 EVO, and for the naked lovers, Ducati is bringing out the Diavel, to satisfy their wet night pleasures!!

Ducati is really pushing the envelop to levels, after which there would be no envelop to push through.

News Source : MCN
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  1. I think it should be some kind of an Italian metaphor for Devil!! Again, the Diavel, looks like being based on the genes of the Ducati Monster... the name Diavel seems very siblingish!!

  2. hi

    new photos of the Diavel have surfaced recently


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