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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Expendables - Hell Yeah!!

If you are one of those viewers who expect drama, if you are one of those movie viewers who always search for the quintessential existence of logic and plot, if you are one of those movie viewers who expect that every movie should have a social message, a teaching and inspiration for life, if you are one of those movie viewers who expect a movie to be pink... well then this movie is not for you, don't waste your money watching this movie and come out grinning your teeth to a crack, coz this movie is RED!! The Expendables.

1hr 47minutes of pure adrenaline rush, which push you the edge of the seat. Smashing action sequences, swashbuckling stunts and deafening sound effects.... it's a man thing written all over it. Some fairer sex who dared to come to the audi with their not so fairer sex, started wining from the very first sequence!! Heart goes out for those poor souls who kept on requesting their partners to please keep their mouth shut and let them enjoy the movie!!

The Direction and Screenplay of Sly is top notch. Just the right things at the right time to keep the momentum going. The action sequences are so fast, that you blink your eye and you miss an entire gun fight and you end up seeing just the blood and gore :)

Precise choice of actors for precise characters. I did feel that for one character, Vin Diesel would have suited better. I won't tell which character, watch the movie and tell me ;) The sequence between Sly, Arnold and Bruce Willis is really funny and it was really sporty of Sly to put that and Arnold and Bruce to play that!!

All in all it's a must watch movie, but please keep in mind that it's all about brawn and grunt.... don't complaint afterward.
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