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Monday, August 2, 2010

Honda VFR 1200F

Let's rewind the clock two years. A couple of years back, the costliest bike on Indian roads being cranked out of a showroom was either the Bajaj Pulsar 220 or some versions of the RE. Then something happened early 2008. Yamaha India gave the company a last try of adrenaline in the form of Yamaha YZF R1 and MT01. It was a Big Bang in the history of Indian biking universe and soon more and more stars started coming to this small universe.

Year 2010, in two years we have -

1) Honda - CBR1000RR, CB1000R
2) Suzuki - Hayabusa, Intruder, Bandit
3) Yamaha - 2010 YZF R1, MT01, V-Max
4) Ducati - a range of motorcycles, from 848 to the Monster
5) Harley Davidson - again a very wide range of the classic Amarican chopper.
I really pray that the BMW brings it's S1000RR and also pray that MV Augusta doesn't bring it's range else someone's gonna land up in jail for buying it.
So, in the list above, another name has been added recently, say hello to the Honda VFR 1200F.

Needless to say that it's an another piece of beauty from the Japanese giant and being priced at
Rs. 19,25,625 on road Delhi, it again proves the fact that the most gorgeous beauties the world are either costly, poisonous or married to someone else.

Cranking out a top bang of around 135 horses @ 10000 rpms at rear wheel and a max torque of 95.1 fl lb @ 8750 rpms through its 28 degree V4, you get confused if it's a heavy sports bike or a light super sports tourer!! The best of this torque figure is that, about 90% of it comes at 4000 rpms which is ideal for touring.
Also, the Ride-By-Wire throttle, helps to keep the V4 power as linear as possible, as smooth as possible and pulls cleanly from as low as 2500 rpms.

So, what's so special about the Honda VFR1200F after all? Well it's a piece of technology usually found on some high end sports cars - Dual Clutch Transmission. Well the big thing about this bike is that it does not have a clutch lever (now don't start that WTF thing).

For a bike of this caliber, it seems pretty strange. But that's the remarkable piece of technology that has been implemented on this machine.

So,what is this Dual Clutch Transmission? Basically it's an attempt to provide the rider with Automatic Transmission with the preciseness of Manual Transmission. This feat is achieved by implementing two different clutches. While one is providing the transmission drive to the rear wheel through the shaft, the other clutch is having the next gear pre-selected and ready to engage as soon as the computer or the rider fires the trigger.
So, basically the computer is controlling the hydraulic systems and solenoid valves located behind the right-side engine cover. The clutch transmission is smooth and firm, pulling away from stop to start cleanly like the manual clutch. So, why should the rider complain about the absence of the clutch lever. Plain and simple hop on and ride on!!

At 267.16 kg kerb weight it definitely a heavy ass machine (arround 17 kg more heavier than the Suzuki Bandit), but with at extra amount of kick at 10000 rpms, the machine is even sports track ready. But again we need to consider that this is not a Hayabusa (the ultimate Sport-Tourer you can get in the country), so, this machine is not for track days.

Speaking of the Hayabusa, the seating on the VFR is a bit sportier than say the Suzuki Bandit. The clip-on a bit lower and the foot peg a bit more rear-set. But it's not un-comfortable like VFR's track day cousin the Firblade. It's plain and simple a bit sporty.

As a package wise stand point, the Honda VFR 1200F is an immense deal. Great design, great finish, great architecture and engineering. But is it value for money? Rs. 19,25,625 on road Delhi, it's definitely a costly deal, falling in the range of the Yamaha V-Max. But again Yamaha V-Max is a 200 horses Yam-Dude which makes the VFR feel pony infront of itself. At the same stage we have the Suzuki Bandit, which can give all the joys of Sports-Touring in the country at a price tag of around Rs. 9 lakhs on road in Delhi.

But, I'm sure the Honda India (specially the dealers  in Delhi/NCR) would find ample moolah to keep the business going. So, enjoy the quality and the exclusivity if you can :)

Images and specs courtesy : Motorcycle.com
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  1. Nice.. but its another one of those motorcycles which have arrived in India and way out of my league.

    By the Sajal dude, there are typos in a couple of RPM figures.

  2. Payeng Dude!!
    Thanks for pointing the typos. They are corrected now :)

    Well, someone I know very closely (that does not mean I like that person) said that he bought Honda Jazz even it's pricey because it's price makes it exclusive and not everybody would like to buy it, because they won't have the guts to afford it!! Even though I didn't liked the statement a single bit, but the psyche says it all about the person who would actually be going after this bike.

    I totally agree with the video review where it's said that do we actually need such luxurious refinement like the DTC?? The word is exclusivity!!

  3. Yeah exclusivity.. that this bike definitely will have.

    But this bike will definitely be an awesome mile muncher

  4. Well for mile munching you have the Hayabusa and CB1000R and even the Bandit which cost way more less than the VFR. The shot in the price tag is due to the DCT, if you wanna pay for that kind of an refinement :)

    For me, it would be a bit piculiar (even uncomfortable) if I'm not engaging the gear and not listening to that "THUD"

  5. For long ride,Honda VFR is best of its tribe.The VFR1200 which is made only for bike lovers and highway hunters has lot of power and thump.Honda has expertise in making such bikes.


Item Reviewed: Honda VFR 1200F Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Sajal
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