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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Two Wheel Drive Yamaha R1

This is what I call engineering, sheer and massive improvement on an already potent and destructive racing machine to get more traction off the front wheel and more efficiency from the bike.


Well, this is achieved by having a Hydraulic pump connected with the gear and the drive chain. So that when the rear wheel spins, it operates the Hydraulic pump too. The Front wheel is fitted with a motor which is connected with the Hydraulic pump through a couple of hoses, and who-la... you have a two wheel drive Yamaha R1.

It's claimed that on some riding condition, this arrangement provides better traction control and better efficiency. That makes a lot of sense, because now the front wheel is in control of the engine which will give it a lot of traction, specially at high speeds and during braking. Again, since now the rear wheel is not alone pushing the entire weight and now since the dynamics are shared between the front and the rear wheel, the efficiency would also be better.

But that raises a couple of questions in my mind -

1) Now since the front wheel is being set to motion by the engine, i.e. there is a direct linkage between the engine rpms and wheel, what about the stability of the bike, because that the sole purpose of the front wheel, to give direction to the bike and provide stability. But now, the engine is controlling the front wheel too, so how does it affect that, will it be more stable, or does the rider needs to be cautious.

2) What happens during engine braking!!

Well I've no direct clue to my queries... anybody interested in sharing their two cents?? ;)
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  1. I had read about this 2 wheel drive tech of Yamaha probably 1/2 years back on one if its off road models.

    But this is the first time I am getting to know its being tried on the R1 as well.

    Can't really predict what to expect of this tech without getting a ride experience.

  2. A two wheel off roader is definitely understandable, but a regular street bike really raises some question... or more... confusions.

    But one this for sure.... this would be one kick ass motorcycle.

  3. On the off roader, this tech will be somewhat like 4 wheel drive on a SUV


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  5. Thanks James. Would surely visit your website :)


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