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Thursday, October 28, 2010

2011 Honda CBR 250R

MotorcycleNews.com has published the first pictures of the 2011 Honda CBR 250R on 27/10/2010. First look, the bike looks coming straight from the gene pool of the mighty VFR1200F

Powered by a Single Cylinder motor, the new CBR 250R looks towards in-surging into the success of the Kawasaki bombshell, the Ninja 250R.

Look wise, well as I've already said, that it looks coming straight from the VFR genome and looks no where near the current crop of actual CBRs (the Fireblade CBR 1000RR and the CBR 600R). It looks more like a relaxed cruiser rather than a track tool. To me, the complete packaging of the Honda CBR 250R looks less aggressive than it's direct competitor. But at the same time it's one hell of a gorgeous machine in it's class, very adorable and sumptuous.

The big Exhaust plonked on the side takes the bike a bit out of proportion on the rear, but other wise, it's a well thought after design. In my opinion it should have been left the same as on the new CBR 150R.

Apart from the body work, when we go beneath it, the 2011 Honda CBR 250 has tubular steel frame and conventional forks. At the rear the job of providing cusion is being done by Pro-Link rear shock.

Single disc brake upfront with Nissin three piston caliper and a single disc rear with one piston caliper. The bike would be equipped with a first in it's class C-ABS.

Considering the A2 license norm in the European nations, the bike cannot be allowed to produce more than 33 PS of peak power. So, the big question is, what would be performance numbers of the new CBR 250R?

The previous version of the Honda CBR 250R (well it was CBR 250RR), which was in existence from 1986-1996, was a 4 cylinder, 4 stroke, 6 gear stud pounding out a humongous 45 PS and revved upto 19K rpms. Easily drawfing the figures of the Ninja 250. 

But then changes in the Japanese law, saw it's demise and the bike is no longer in production now. Even though the bike was not much of a looker, it was true to it's name and gene pool, it was truly a CBR and seeing that and comparing it with the 2011 version, I really feel a bit disappointed.

Going by the single cylinder configuration of the 2011 Honda CBR 250R, I've doubts if it would be some where near the power output of the Ninja 250 of 33 PS. In my opinion it should linger around higher 20s but lesser than 33 PS in terms of peak power output. So, here is the detailed spec list of the new kid on the block

Well, the further scoop on this bike is that, it would be manufactured in Thailand and India. The bike would be available in Thailand from November and since the bike would be made in India too, we should expect it's India sometime soon too!! The future of the bike and it's competition with the Ninja 250R would very largely depend on how does the bike fare up with the Ninja on performance numbers and the impact crater it creates on your pocket.

More on the scoope - 2WheelsIndia
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  1. A 250 cc inline 4 cylinder screamer like the CBR250RR remains a distant dream.

    Anyway, the CBR250R looks to be a practical bike for Indian roads and Indian aam biker. Hope the pricing is sensible

  2. Ken Da!!
    Wow I don't believe my eyes that you dropped by and commented!! Thanks Da :)

    Yup the Mojo has a little more torque than the CBR 250R, but we really need to ride the bikes to determine how well the torque develops and is managed, meaning the rev range. Eagerly waiting for opportunity to ride em :)

    Payeng Dude!!
    Totally agree with you pal on the practicality of the CBR 250R and like I said, that it's competition with the Ninja really depends on the performance number and the pricing. Performance wise the Ninja clearly has an upper hand. So now, all eyes on the pricing now :)

  3. Hey Raam.. aap aur aapki bikes..

  4. Ashwani Bro!!
    Actually!! This website is all about it :)

  5. this colour is damn good.....but its only released in red,black and silver....

  6. but for me....a 26 BHP bike weighing about 165kg....?..pulsar 220 have a better perfomance..as it got 21 BHP and weighs about 145 kg...so pulsar has the better power/weight ratio...so the CBR's performance is almost equal to p220..and cost 1.5 lakh..?kawasaki ninja is far better and has 33 BHP of power and weighs equal to CBR

  7. @Akhil,

    Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.

    The Kerb Weight of Bajaj Pulsar 220F is 150 kg
    The Max Power output is - 21.04 PS @ 8500 rpms (20.74 bhp @ 8500 rpms)

    Power:Weight Ratio = 138.27 Bhp/1000

    The Kerb Weight of the CBR 250R is 167 kg
    The Max Power output is - 25 Bhp @ 8500 rpms

    Power:Weight Ratio = 149.70 Bhp/1000

    (All the above figures are as per the official website details)

    So, clearly, the CBR 250R has a much better power to weight ratio than the Pulsar 220F. Also, if you test ride the CBR 250R, you would definitely feel the difference.

    The Ninja 250R belongs to a different league all together. It's brute force power in it's genre for more than 20 years straight :)


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