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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2011 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 - First Ride Review

I said in the last post about the Kawasaki Ninja 1000, that late October, the bike would be available to the international media for test rides. Well it's now November, and the bike has already been tested by three of the top International Media - MCN, Motorcycle.com and MotorcycleUSA.com. On going through the details, and first ride impression, well, like I said -

The Kawasaki Z1000 has been a very potent machines in it's class. Now with the 2011 revamp of this as the Ninja 1000, the factors have become more potent. At least from my point of view, this is the tourer bike I would love to see in my garage.

Amongst, the three websites mentioned above, both Motorcycle.com and MotorcycleUSA.com have presented their reviews in great detail. So, here's a gist of the first ride impressions.

On the regular Sports or a Super Sports machine, the fairing isn't there for styling or for rider's comfort from wind blast. It's most basic purpose is aerodynamics on those track day tools. On the Ninja 1000 the fairing is solely there to add character to the machine and the 3-way adjustable fairing can be adjusted for a variety of torso lengths.

With a peak power of 133.37 bhp at crank coming at 11000 rpms and a peak torque of 110 Nm coming at 7800 rpm the Ninja 1000 has 10% more power and 65% more torque than the ZX-6R, but coming at lower rpms as compared to the ZX-10R and the ZX-6R, meaning that bike is more suitable for road riding conditions.

Power delivery is very spontaneous but very smooth. Thanks to the immense torque the bike builds up, the bike pulls smoothly from low until it tops out.

Put on the dyno, the mill registered a top torque of 97.97 Nm @ 7900 rpm and 122 bhp at the rear wheel.

The most noticeable difference between the mill of the Z1000 ad the Ninja 1000 is the presence of upper speed limiter on the later. This is because of the better aerodynamics of the Ninja 1000, because of the fairing, the Ninja 1000 builds speed much faster than the Z1000.

The 41mm, Showa front fork and the Horizontally link rear shock along with the aluminum frame and swing arm chassis, work to magic the Ninja 1000 munches miles and corners with equal ease.

The ergo of the Ninja 1000 are simply superb, be it street riding or long rides, it's just so very comfortable. Neutral riding position, placement of the rubber mounted foot pegs, the clip-on handle bars, do not put any pressure, either on the back or on the wrist.

Ninja 1000's fairing does a pretty decent job of pushing the wind away from the rider. The open section in the fairing around the engine removes heat away from the rider very effectively. This in my opinion is a big big advantage in the Indian riding conditions, where big bike owners have to live with blistered thighs.

From the reviews posted in the website, it can be easily judged that the Ninja 1000 is not only a practical big bike, it's a lifestyle that every bike lover would try to get associated with.
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  1. But even then somehow I can't get over the futuristic and edgy styling of the 2010/2011 Z1000.

    The Candy Green Color on the 2011 Z1000 is so so sexy.

  2. That's the case with all the Street Fighter and Faired pair!! Take for example, the MV Agusta Brutale and F4. The Brutale, looks really brutal in-front of the F4!!

  3. Yep Brutale.. I have somehow started to like "Naked" beauties more

  4. The one thing that always turned me off with the Z1000's was the exhaust. Looks like they have done a fine job keeping the old Zed style without making it too obnoxious. I think I would like to have one!

  5. I have been hanging on to my much loved VFR since 2003, hoping for a better all around street bike to take it's place. This may be the one.

  6. I bought one - candy apple green - and it does not disappoint. What the reviews say is true. After owning a ZX10, ZX14 and 1400GTR I have finally found the absolute mix of them all. Kawasaki must have been reading my wish list!

  7. It's a shame Kawasaki couldn't bring the metallic green/black into the USA. I'd love one of those.

    Now where is Suzuki, with the excellent GSX-R 1000. They could make a sport-tourer par excellence. But instead they stay firmly in the sporting camp.

    This kawi is just right, aces out the triumph sprint, which I've owned.

  8. @Anonymous (comment on November 9th) -
    The overall styling of the Ninja 1000 is easily amongst the best in tourers. Neither too heavy not too puny. It's great that they did away with the chrome muffler shield of the Z1000 on this one ;)

    @Jhon A -
    Dude, as far as I know the VFR, you would have a massive paradigm shift when you switch to the Ninja 1000. No matter how much suave it is, it would be a notch radical than the VFR, which is soft poetry in motion.

    @Anonymous (comment on Jan 16th) -
    WOW!! Congrats bro on your sweet buy. Would love to hear first hand ownership experience from you. Do write to us @ csajal@throttlequest.com

    @TheEvolOne -
    I guess for the tourer, they have the Bandit and would like to stick with that flagship. But yeah, the Bandit really does need a little bit of weight reduction.... it's insanely top heavy.

    The Ninja 1000 is definitely the tourer to watch out for this year.


Item Reviewed: 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 - First Ride Review Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Sajal
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