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Thursday, November 25, 2010

2011 KTM RC8R Ride Impressions

Nothing better than a company actually listening to it's riders. We know that for us, both Bajaj and TVS do that and we have seen Apaches and Pulsars improving by leaps and bounds from their first avatars. On looking towards the international arena, the KTM RC8R has always been a bike which has fascinated me with it's sheer stunning lines and vibrant colors, but on performance numbers, the absolutely fantastic looking bike has always been a disappointment and has always been placed way down the order in presence of other Europeans like the BMW, Aprilia, Ducati and the MV Augusta. It's true that the competition is tough but that, in now way means that nothing can be done about it. KTM shows us that in the year 2011 it's all set to change the tide and to begin with, KTM opt the sans electronic rider aids approach for the 2011 RC8R (another example of getting influenced by the influential?).

While reviewing the bike in my last post, I knew that the changes done in the fueling, inclusion of the Twin Spark Plug per cylinder, changes to the cam and heavy fly wheel would work spells to the performance of the bike. MCN road tested the bike and I'm very pleased with their review as it's very much in line with what I expected. The review is quite nice one and very detailed. So, Enjoy!!

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