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Friday, November 26, 2010

Project 14B and 13S

Project 14B and 13S are actually code name for Ohlins Special Edition Yamaha R1 and Yamaha R6, to be unveiled at the National Exhibition Center, Birmingham, tomorrow.Anybody who knows me, knows that I'm a die hard fan of the Yamaha R1 (no matter how much criticism the current versions face internationally and domestically) and to me both the bikes look just fabulous.

Some of the key enhancements on bikes include -

  • New paint scheme
  • Ohlins TTX 336 rear shock
  • Ohlins Road and Track forks
  • Galfer Petal Disk front and rear
  • Two finger ASV levers
  • Gilles rear sets
  • Akropovic Carbon Slip-ons
  • The R6 also has NIX 30mm cartridge fitted to enhance the front fork performance.
Yamaha R1 M2 Dual Slip-On Exhaust System Titanium
Fender Eliminator - Yamaha YZF R1 2004-2007 - Black

From my understanding, the Ohlins treatment would be a great addition towards the overall ride quality of the bikes, both on track and on road. I'm not sure about the inclusion of the ASV levers though, because internationally there are places where you need to have at least three fingers on the brake levers or you get fined.

Both the bikes are a bit high on premium in stock, and addition of these enhancements would only send the mercury rising on the price scale. So, it's a choice of premium over performance, and for hardcore enthusiasts, performance always wins.

A full thumbs up to Project 14B and 13S

Image and news courtesy - MCN
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  1. Hey Sajal, is the 2010 R1 available/on sale in India?

  2. Yups the one that's currently available is the 2010 version. Though technically there's nothing changed between '09-'11.. only some graphics and that's it.... the basic bike is unchanged.

  3. Do you get the see the new R1's on NCR roads? Coz so far I haven't managed to sight one

  4. Seen three of them. One in white at Xbhp G2G. One in blue and one in Matt Black with Cobra Exhaust... maneuvering through a very tight market in Gurgaon. Boy that bike rattled every glass window in that area!! The most amazing part was... a foreigner was riding that... and looking at the way he was riding the bike made me feel that he has been riding this bike since his childhood in that congested area.


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