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Thursday, December 2, 2010

2011 Honda CBR 250R Mugen Edition

The bike has not yet hit the showrooms but it's already tickling people's imaginations. Famous Honda tuner, Mugen has unveiled the 2011 Honda CBR 250R Mugen Edition.

No changes in the engine, but efforts have been made to give the bike a more sportier character than it's current more subtle looks.

The primary changes on the Mugen special edition include -

  • Imparting an aggressive and sporty look by opting a Black Red and Golden color scheme.
  • The rider and the pillion seat have also got the read treatment with Mugen emblem. 
  • The Mugen emblem is also very prominently visible on the front body panel.
  • Also noticeable is the raised wind screen and the Gold colored stripe on the tank.
  • The alloy wheel have red wheel strip and Mugel writing.
  • In order to bring some extra kick in the power delivery and to improve on the exhaust note, the standard exhaust muffler has been upgraded to a chrome exhaust (which in my opinion a world better than the stock muffler).
  • The Mugen Edition comes with C-ABS as standard fitment.
All in all, the Mugen cosmetic changes does give the bike an aura of the first generation CBR genome, which is very strongly missing in the stock bike.

So, the big question here is, will this particular special edition be available in India? The agony filled answer is NO, because this special edition 2011 Honda CBR 250R has been created for the Thailand market only.

Image courtesy - AutoEvolution
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  1. man,this bikes got it all...i'll hv to dream on for a while..:)

  2. Srini Dude
    Yeah man... to me this bike looks a lot better than the stock... much better specially because of the color scheme which is a lot like the first gen CBR

  3. Cosmetics aside, wish it was an inline four or a V-twin 60bhp (@8000), 55Nm (@5000) of Torque kinda machine that would bring unreal thrill to the real world! :)

    But then, people's imagination is limited is it not!

  4. Ken Da,
    The older CBR250's specs came quite close to what you've mentioned and that's why I'm a great fan of the older CBR250 and that's why the new one sounds a bit disappointing to me.

    Would have loved to have the older CBR250 with a more contemporary look!!

    Talking of imagination, the 2010 R1 and the BMW S1000RR is a pure work of imagination in my opinion!! :)

  5. If Honda really want to do better in Indian Market then it should Launch it here also...I only liked the Mugen i did not like the color which are currently available in india. A powerful bike with a shit looks....Honda please launch Mugen in India also

  6. @Mithun,

    Sorry man, but I don't see the Mugen coming here... if only people took the Indian market as seriously as people take the Thailand market

  7. this is one of my dream bike... And i'll definitely buy it....

  8. I have naver seen this mugen version in thailand.

  9. plz launch in my india

  10. Please launch in india also.not for me,not for us, for you only honda to improve market in india


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