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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Honda CBR 250R - Bookings to open from 1st Feb, 2011

Bike India has reported that the bookings for the 2011 Honda CBR 250R would start from 1st February, 2011 and the deliveries would start from April, 2011 (as stated earlier). Nothing has been made official on the Honda India website though, but the news coming from Bike India should be trust worthy. This is definitely good new for the prospective buyers out there who are really hoping to get this highly anticipated pocket rocket home.

Since the time the bike was first announced, the baby CBR (well should we call it that?) has been the center stage of attraction world wide. Every auto magazine and enthusiast is going nuts about the bike. The bike even though speced below the Kawasaki Ninja 250R, wins competitive grounds in terms of price and with the inclusion of optional C-ABS.

How much the bike is able to lure hard core performance bugs is still a question, but this bike should definitely make some serious dent in the market share of motorcycles like the Bajaj Pulsar 220, Yamaha R15 and the Hero ? ZMR.

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  1. book kar le!!..arre kar bhi le..sharma mat!!

  2. :D

    I'm one of those performance bugs I've mentioned about. But who know... after getting a look at the actual thing... shaayad mann badal jaaye ;)

  3. Honda is projecting this bike as a relaxed tourer.. so am expecting this bike to be a proper upgrade of the Karizma.

    In that case, most of the fun will be at the low-mid rpm range. Waiting for an opportunity to ride this bike

  4. Payeng Dude!!
    Same here. Eagerly waiting to get my hands on it :)


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