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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

KTM Duke 125 or 200??

Well, if the KTM Duke 125's facebook publication is to be believe, then it's going to be KTM Duke 200 for India and not the discussed and anticipated KTM Duke 125.

If you ask me, then it's super news and specially when you put things to perspective that the bigger KTM Dukes are European exotics.

So, the big question is, why am I so excited about the KTM Duke 200. The excitement is basically due to some "Feel Good Factors"
  • Looks - The looks of the KTM Dukes are super stunning. I've always said that KTM has the best graphic designers in business. The lines, contours, vibrant colors, big USD forks are all exquisite. All in all, the Dukes are oomph bombshells on two wheels coming straight from the gene pool of the big bad KTM Duke.
  • Performance - Consider the performance numbers of the KTM Duke 125. The small 125cc motor pounces out 15PS of max bang. Now put into perspective the 200cc motor build on the same tech. In my best thought, it should not be far behind the specs of the yet to be launched Honda CBR 250R. Above all, the torque numbers would be the best in class.
  • Price - We all know that KTM Duke 125 would be manufactured in India for the European and outside markets. Going by that, I would hope that the KTM Duke 200 also follows the same inception, and that brings me the thought that the manufacturing cost should be less, which brings me to think that it should be priced less than 2 lacs on road.
With the Honda CBR 250R slated to hit the Indian market early April, 2011, the announcement of the KTM Duke 200 might prove to be a blow to the anticipation being associated with CBR 250. From my point of view, the KTM Duke 200 is a much much better package than the CBR 250R, in terms of looks, performance and above all it's true to it's Duke gene pool (unlike the Honda CBR 250R which looks anything than a CBR)
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