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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Aprilia RSV4 Factory reaches India

It was way back in 2009 when the current version of the Aprilia RSV4 Factory was given to the world. Needless to say, I for one was completely awestruck, the moment I saw the bike for the first time. The RSV4 Factory has went on to carve it's own niche both on street and track.

With the Indian motorcycle market opening up to the international motorcycles (minus the grand dad's stone age thinking about import duties), it was only a matter of time before this European Exotic gave us sleepless nights on Indian turf. On 20th, January, 2011 was that momentous day, when the Indian mass saw the Aprilia RSV4 Factory for the first time on Indian soil, being legally brought into the country in a join venture with Piaggio, at the Mumbai International Motor Show.

It's amazing how existing players, already in a said sector in India, are finding investing in imported motorcycles profitable. With a varying price range of Rs. 13 lacs for the base version to Rs. 18 lacs for the fully loaded version, the Aprilia RSV4 Factory is sure gonna give the Jap sales a run for their money, and that includes the super smooth Honda Fireblade.

Here goes the press release from Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd -

Mumbai, 20th January, 2011: Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. – the Indian subsidiary of Piaggio & C s.p.a. of Italy, today unveiled the superbike Aprilia RSV4 FACTORY at the Mumbai International Motor Show along with Vespa LX 125 - the original, ageless, timeless, iconic two-wheeler that is hailed around the world as a “way of life”, not just a scooter.

Piaggio’s is all set to get pulses racing and the adrenaline pumping for aficionados of racing bikes and scooters.

Superbike Aprilia - the ultimate racing machine

Aprilia has been a part of the Piaggio Group since 2004 and is celebrated as the benchmark for street legal superbikes. A consistent winner over 2 decades, the Aprilia brand is today a modern motorcycling legend that is globally acknowledged as the most technologically advanced name in motorcycles. Aprilia was born into racing and is the real sporty flagship brand for Piaggio Group. In its short history it has earned 45 World Championships (36 in Speed Motorcycle Racing, 2 in Superbike, 2 in Trial, 5 in Supermotard) and hundreds of championship races (from Motocross to Superbike) becoming the most victorious Italian and European manufacturer in World Championship Motorcycle Racing with 277 Grand Prix wins. In 2010, Aprilia walked away with the coveted “Rider’s Title” and the “Constructor’s Title” at the World SBK Championships, proving once again that competition is the lifeblood of this winning Italian brand; a part of its DNA.

The Aprilia is fittingly championed by Max Biaggi, the world superbike hero who has scored victory after victory with this racing marvel. The irresistible charm of the RSV4 comes from the fact that it was designed without any aesthetic grant, instead for the racing world, where each millimeter, each gram, each thousandth of second counts. Such a compact and efficient bike was never seen before: this is why it is so beautiful! It has made it to the most incredible finishing lines with regards to emotions and performances, lap after lap.

Nothing much is there to be said about the RSV4 Factory, as there's nothing much to be said about the bike that has rendered the world speechless with it's sheer performance, both on the road and the WSBK circuit.

I'm eagerly waiting when RSV4 Factory APRC SE comes and at what price!! Till then happy riding to all the prospective owners. :)

Image Courtesy - XBhp.com
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  1. As per speculated reports, it should be around 13 lacs ex-showroom for the base version and around 18 lacs for the fully loaded version. The exact prices would be known only when the bike is formally launched in the market.

    The point to note here is that, this is not even the APRC SE. So, once that comes, it's expected to be well above 20

  2. "Ek aur aa gayee... Dil jalane ko..!!"


  3. Payeng Dude,
    Yeah Right!! Wait till the APRC SE comes... Dill jal ke raakh ho jaayega ;)


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