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Friday, January 7, 2011

Magazine Scoop - Bajaj Pulsar 250

Well this if I think of it, the hoopla around a possible Bajaj Pulsar 250 has now become a backyard pond, all that does happen to the pond is more and more weed flourish, without any sign of blossom what so ever.

This year, it's a bit different. The new weed in the pond might show some signs of blossoms after all because the weed has some credibility after all. On 4th January, 2011, BikeIndia reported that a possible Bajaj Pulsar has taken shape and might be released by mid 2011.

The above image has been taken from the BikeIndia website and it clearly shows 250 written on the tank.

It's clear from the above picture that Bajaj is targeting the Pulsar 135LS platform for the proposed 250cc bigger Pulsar and which makes perfect sense as this the direction the bigger and obviously better Pulsars should go. But having said that, I clearly mean that I would appreciate the Pulsar 135LS engine platform being considered and taken for building the 250cc engine. A Liquid Cooled, DOHC, 4 Valve Per Cylinder engine is what's required to juice out the 250cc mill. Truly speaking, I would love to see a twin cylinder mill coming for the bigger Pulsars, but I know that would like expecting too much.

At the same time, the Pulsar 135LS body styling would look puny for a 250cc motorcycle without any further addition. One cannot expect to plonk a bigger engine into the same chassis and bodywork. It's just not gonna do justice to the entire package. So, I really do hope that Bajaj engineers are considering that because if the above picture is to be believed (which actually is showing at "250" logo on the tank), then the 250cc motorcycle's gonna look grossly malnutritioned.

Bike India also claims that the motorcycle would be sporting a rear mono-shock and that's a very welcome change, both from the design perspective of Bajaj motorcycles (read graduating to the next level) and also from the handling perspective of the proposed bike. Come to think of it, Bajaj partners with a company which employs one of the best suspensions in business - KTM, and taking cues from them would be next best logical thing.

It would be amazing if Bajaj takes cues from both Kawasaki and KTM to build the bigger and the best Pulsar till now. Imagine how it would to throttle an insanely high revving Pulsar which sends the tach needle berserk with a slight twist of your right wrist.
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  1. Yeah, asking for more than one cylinder is asking for too much. In more motorcycling-developped zones multicylinders have been happening for a century now!
    Mono-shocks! How banal can we get. What is wrong with the twin shocks that we have in ALL the motorcycles across the spectrum currently? Mono-shocks, ptew!
    Power! Don't we have more than enough power already in the 21Ps motorcycles! Besides what will you do with all that power. You spend most of your time in front of the computer anyway!

  2. Ken Da,
    It's always so good to see you drop by and leaving your comments :)

    I do seriously feel that the day of motorcycling is at dawn in this part of the world, when it's already noon at many places. But the good thing is.. things have started to move in the right direction in the past 2-3 years.

    For the mono-shock, I might be wrong, but the kind of feed back I get from the suspension of my Pulsar 200 is way different from the kind I get when I get a R15. It's the difference of a THUD and a plush glide. What I make out, is that, it's the difference of the presence of a well tuned mono-shock on the R15. When we are going fast and out, we need to get the precise suspension feedback, which I think is lacking on twin-shock motorcycles. As I said, I might be completely wrong here :)

    Haha you got me on the power thing. Actually what I think is... it's not about usable power or usable torque. It's about how you want your motorcycle to feel when you ride it. It's never if I can get to an Xkmph speed, it's about how I got to that speed. When I took the delivery of my bike, I was shit scared to twist the throttle while coming back from the showroom. Today, no matter how fast I'm going, I always get this feeling that I'm going now where. It's just that over the year, I've got used to it's power delivery and speed dynamics. It's at this point you start feeling hungry. It's like weight training in a gym. You keep on doing your biceps with 15kg, for some time your biceps would be showing results and you would soon hit a plateau. At than point you will have to increase the weight to allow your biceps to grow more, and as the saying goes - "More is never enough!!". I love to keep myself hungry :)

    Looking forward to your feedback :)

  3. Though more credible than amateur blogs, I would still like to take the "Speculations" of auto publications with a tablespoon of salt.


    Yep, as Kenda put it, I agree that most of our time is spent in front of the laptop or as I would add to it, with our family.

    But that's the curse of getting tied down by a 9 to 5 job and being married (either of which we can't leave).


  4. sajal, why do think one would write 250 on 135's tank..crap

  5. Payeng Dude!!
    Absolutely, but at the same time, our bikes are our key to getting close to nirvana :)

    Anonymous Bro
    Because it's written that way, that why I've called this news from something BikeIndia as a scoop. Even I cannot digest a Pulsar 135 being used as a Pulsar 250 and since the 250 on the tank is kinda photoshoped, that's why I guess BikeIndia chose to keep the image of a lower resolution to avoid detection of the photoshop job :)


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