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Monday, January 17, 2011

Motorcycle Price List - January 2011

Well, this month's price list issue on ThrottleQuest was supposed to be a bit different. In this months and year's first price list, I was supposed to show the Delhi on-road price of the motorcycles, as suggested by my dear friend Payeng. But Yamaha and TVS motors do not publish their prices on their websites, so decided to visit their respective outlets to get the on-road price of the respective motorcycles.

But to my utter surprise on the nascent mindset of the dealers, I was denied the on road price list once I revealed that I'm ThrottleQuest and I would be publishing the prices on my website. I even said that I won't be naming the dealership, but I was told that they have strict instructions from the head office not to indulge with media. So, I decided not to test their toddler mindset and so this month too I'm publishing only the ex-showroom price list of the motorcycles.

Efforts are still on to get the Delhi on-road price list of the motorcycles, so that in next month's issue of the price list I'm able to incorporate the same.

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  1. No offence Dude:-)
    On road price can be easily calculated..
    1. Ex showroom Price of bikes below Rs.50=55k-56k on road

    2. 60k=66k-67k
    3. 70k=77k-78k
    4. 80k=88k-89k
    5. 90k=1L
    :-) :-)
    Apart nice blog
    :-) :-)

  2. Saurabh,
    Thanks for visiting and leaving your comments and appreciation.

    I'm actually intending to show the on-road price of the respective motorcycles in Delhi and therefore would be needing the actual and exact figure. That's why I'm not putting a range up, because the on-road prices vary from state to state. In only Delhi/NCR region, the price variance is huge. :)

  3. Thanks for the effort you are putting in bro. It would really help is the on road prices are put out there for comparison.

  4. Payeng Dude,
    I'm really trying hard to collate that up for the next month. :)
    Hopefully this time I'm able to bring up the on road prices.

  5. Liconlnshire Motorbike,

    Thanks guys for appreciating. :)

  6. i want know hero honda aprilia's price please inform me

    shankar kumar

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