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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rajputana Custom Motorcycles

Royal Enfield motorcycles enjoy the status of a cult in India. Go to any after market outlet in any part of the country, the most custom parts are available for Royal Enfield motorcycles, be it custom head lamps, handle bars, spaniels and what not. Ever since we have known motorcycles, custom choppers have always caught our fancy. The thunderous thump, leather jacket, blinding light, slow motion rawness, everything about choppers is a cult.

For quite some time we have know Verdanchi  Customs as one of India's premier custom chopper designers who design their custom choppers on the Royal Enfield platform. But now more and more avid enthusiasts are showing up with designs which are at par with any international player. A new name in the game is the Rajputana Customs, a custom group of custom motorcycle designers based out of Jaipur

A quick surf of Rajputana Custom's Facebook profile show an amazing glimpse of the immense talent and passion the group has. The group has three designs to their accomplishment -

The Original Dragster

The Light Foot

 The Nandi

Needless to say, each machine is a work of art with exquisite details in every aspect of the bike. Apart from the Engine and the Wheels almost all the parts are made in-house.

To sum it all, Rajputana Custom has finally given me the reason to make a dash to Jaipur.
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  1. Raja Gaddi (Royal Enfields) being converted into Raja Gaddi's (Rajputana)


  2. hehehe Yeah :)

    But they are awesome mods and amazing creativity!! :)

  3. Looks cool.. but egonomically I doubt that they would be comfortable

  4. The ergos of the Light Foot looks a bit aggressive to me, but the rest of them should be just fine!! But then dunno... need to ride them to say about them ;)

  5. Dear sir
    I have looked at your web site and seems pretty interesting I am also looking at modifying my new bike bullet 500 cc
    can that me modified or else we need a better bike to do so
    Also is there a bike modified by you which i can directly purchase
    Also whats the ideal cost of custom modification or cost of new modified bike from your end with registration
    please awaiting your response
    Samar sherlekar

  6. Samar,
    Thanks for your kind words about my website. It feels great that you liked it.

    Bro, actually I don't do any custom mods on Bullets, it's just that I've covered Rajputana Customs in my website. Your Bullet 500 can be modified, and as a matter of fact, all the above bikes by Rajputana Customs are actually the 500 series engines.

    You would like to contact Rajputana Customs for details -
    Vijay Singh (9928164795). For more details visit their Facebook page from the link above.

  7. Minimumly how much u guys charge to customise a 350cc and 500cc bullet...????

  8. Jay,
    Please refer to my comment on Samar's query for the contact details of Rajputana Customs. You can get all your queries answered from there :)

  9. Guys , I m getting my 500 cc customized ,will be out in July , will post few pics , 1 hell of a custom.........

  10. @Naveen,

    Would be looking forward to it :)

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