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Friday, January 14, 2011

Vale's 2011 Ducati GP11

Well if it's Valentino Rossi, then his bike has to one of the most different around, be it the engine or the looks. Many would not be able to appreciate the choice of colours, but well, that's the way the Doctor goes.

Team Ducati unveiled the 2011 Factory Ducati at the spectacular Madonna di Campiglio ski resort in Italy on 12th January, 2011. This is the first the world has seen the GP11 in it's full glory (but silent of course), which has been hogging the web space for quite some time now.

To quote the designer of the bike, Filippo Preziosi-

The major changes are in the engine. We have an evolution inside and outside the engine and the goal is to have a flatter and more favourable torque curve. So there is an extension of the interval between maximum torque and power, which will be broader than in the past.

The goal now instead of decreasing drag is to improve the maximum speed and cut down on fuel consumption. And to reduce as much as possible the front lift of the bike so as to be able to give power without having the bike lift.

The motorcycle's chassis has also been worked upon to rectify the motorcycle's geometry in a quest to sort out the front-end issues of the bike which nagged Stoner and Hayden during the last season.

On the electronics, the motorcycle's anti-wheelie control and the traction have been worked upon to provide more stability at high speeds.

The bike would be put to test in Jerez next week, with Ducati's development honchos Vittoriano Guareschi and Franco Battaini evaluating the changes done and would be giving finishing touch to the bikes before Feb 1st, 2011, when the battle for the year begins at Sepang, Malaysia.

Watch out for ThrottleQuest as I try to bring on more on the GP11 :)
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  1. The 2010 Yamaha MotoGP colors were more classy. Honestly

  2. Well, look it like this... the Yamaha M1 colors became classy over a period of time during which Rossi evolved on the bike. This is Rossi's first season with Ducati. Stoner did a wonderful job with the previous versions, but somehow rendered the bike almost unusable for others. Let's see how the Ducati GPx evolves over the years (I mean during the duration Rossi stays in Ducati or MotoGP).


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