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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yamaha SZ-R

The Yamaha India official website has been updated with the details of the new Yamaha SZ-R. Some time back when the SZ-X was launched, the major criticism the bike faced was that in today's time, when people don't get 125cc motorcycles without a front disc brake, why was this 150cc motorcycle from Yamaha was sans it. So, Yamaha takes note of the criticisms and market sentiments and what you get next is, a revamped SZ-X with front disc and a bit souped up looks and christened as Yamaha SZ-R. Let's have a quick look at the spec comparo of both the bikes to get a clearer picture.

So the only thing that has changed in the specs of the SZ-R is the addition of the front disc and the rest of the specs of the motorcycle remains exactly same as that of SZ-X.

Design wise a couple of subtle changes have been made to make the SZ-R more eye catchy and net more of the target customers. Some of the changes include -

The instrumentation panel gets a neater coloring on the SZ-R.

The Yamaha SZ-R gets Dual Tone fuel tank extensions

The side panel on the SZ-R gets a dual color treatment too

So, all in all, Yamaha India has tried to make the Yamaha SZ-X more appealing to the masses in the form of SZ-R and truely speaking they have succeeded in doing that quite a bit.

Apart from the changes mentioned above, the Yamaha SZ-R would be available in three color options as against the Yamaha SZ-X which is available in only two color options.

Quality Black

Quality Blue

Quality Blue

Truly speaking I have not seen much of Yamaha SZ-X on roads of Delhi/NCR as of yet, but I really hope that the new SZ-R changes that trend. I feel the SZ-R is a good overall 150cc executive class motorcycle and a true competition for the Bajaj Discover 150.
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  1. Good presentation. But do take the bike out for a test ride

  2. Thanks Bro. I'm actually planning that for this weekend :)

  3. Good comparision, but a small correction, the image of the fuel tank that you have uploaded is that of SZ, not SZ-x.,

  4. Vikram,
    Ahhh I see... thanks for pointing it out bro. Would surely rectify it.

  5. u should make the bike more attractive,the quality black colour should be on whole body,the silver should be replaced by same colour as that of vehicle,u should make the following changes and launch it as fast as possible so that we can buy it as soon as possible,thanking you yours sincerely vishan is signing off....you can contact me at vishankhadke@gmail.com for further feedback and how to make combination...................

  6. Hi Vishan,

    I for one think that the present dual tone actually looks good. But yeah if you have a valid suggestion, you can route that at the below mentioned web address -


    Thanks for dropping by :)

  7. can any one provide me Szr front head light dom with meter reading cost in hyderabad market ........ bcuz i m thinking to fit szr head light to my yamaha libero vechile ........ send it to my mail id reddy2444@gmail.com


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