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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Apache RTR 180 ABS

Overdrive presented their video review of Apache RTR 180 ABS just a couple of days back. Based on what I could collect from that wind stricken video, Apache has done a great job on the ABS and it's every bit the extra penny spent.

Some of the salient features of the ABS are -

1) It's a non-Link ABS. Meaning, the front and rear brakes have their separate proximity sensors and therefore both are independent of each other. In a linked ABS or more popularly, C-ABS, accentuating one, activates the other.

2) The ABS is a toggle. Meaning, the rider, depending on conditions, can either switch the ABS on or off via a switch on the dash. This is specially a good news for stunt junkies as switching off the ABS would keep them interested in this bike. A visual indicator on the console, keeps you posted of the current ABS status.

3) As is very visible from the video, the braking performance of the machine is ground and sky different without and with the ABS.

Many would argue, that this just a pony 180cc motor motorcycle, then why invest so much in the luxury of ABS? Well I would say why not? Braking in Indian condition is one thing which captures a rider's 90% concentration while riding. The slightest lock can see you tumbling on the tarmac and with the sweet traffic sense the country has, you are totally at the mercy of your luck to be alive. I myself have tasted it as recently as last June. So, with the kind of ABS TVS has been able to develop for the next gen Apache RTR 180, is a very commendable job. What's even more commendable that TVS is actually thinking on the lines of extending their technology to varied platforms across their portfolio.

I say kudos to TVS for being the first in the country to implement a full blow ABS motorcycle.
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  1. Hello buddy,
    TVS should really be appreciated for this.
    But it would be best if they implemented it on with a new 250cc engine.

    I think the Honda CBR250 is equipped with C-ABS.
    The video is amazing.
    ABS should be implemented on every bike and car in India.But it has to go a long way for the government.
    Here in India, there are still 100cc, 125cc and 150cc bikes and scooters with no front disk brakes, and there in Japan, Bankok and rest, even 50cc has also it factory fitted.
    Whats the problem is with India ?? :-(
    But yes it is slowly emerging to a new level.
    Hope it grow fast.
    :-) :-)

  2. @Saurah,
    Both Bajaj and TVS have to shift to a different level of engine architecture to get the 250cc category going - re-boring the old one to get the new one would not work as they have the mighty Ninja 250R infront of them to compete with.

    The C-ABS of the CBR 250R is facing some heavy criticisms internationally (read MotorcycleUSA.com) and really if you analyze it, the criticism comes for the right reasons too.

    Indeed from the video, the non-Linked TVS ABS looks better than Honda's C-ABS on the CBR 250R (of course the one on the Fireblade is a class apart)

    For what's happening in India... all I can say is there are ways of doing things and then there are Indian ways of doing things. Let's take things as they come ;)

  3. May I knw the when apache rtr 180 abs is gng. To be launched in jaipur city?

  4. Anonymous,
    Dude, the Apache RTR 180 has not been launched officially anywhere in India. I'm hoping TVS would make a grand launch of it in big way some time soon.


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