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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2011 Honda CBR 250R deliveries delayed in India

Well, it's not good new for the expecting 2011 Honda CBR 250 owners in India. Previously, the official Honda India website stated that the deliveries would begin from 14th April, 2011. But the latest is, that the deliveries have been delayed and would being by end of April. That's a massive jump of almost two weeks!!

There can be a million reasons for the delay, but nothing has been officially said about it. But for a motorcycle that's being completely made in India, to be exported out, that's pretty strange.

With the humungous bookings this bike has seen in India since 1st January, 2011, the Production Line must have been in over clocking mode, but still there should have been a strategy in place. But guess it's nothing but a bit more wait before those 2000+ expecting riders get to crank their dream.

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  1. Scooters like the Activa has got a 6-7 month waiting period, therefore this delay is not surprising

  2. funny thing you said that!! I was actually expecting a delay announcement the day I saw that it was published that the deliveries would start from 14th April :)

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  4. Thanks Dharamveer!! Would surely do

  5. I hope that 2 Weeks remain 2 weeks ! Honda should not underestimate the Indian customer and take him for a ride otherwise the market for this segment has just been openened by them and the Yamahas and Suzukis will spring a surprise on them

  6. @Gautam,

    Fingers crossed on the commencement of the deliveries!! Pitty that Honda has not allowed even the media to have a go with the CBR 250R in India, while in far Europe, the press has already tasted it!!


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