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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hand Crafted in Chennai

The Royal Enfield Bullet is a legacy so strong in India that people are happily ready to wait months at a stretch to get hold of their own piece of history. The craze, the charisma, the passion, the freedom that's generated by the Royal Enfield Bullet is incomparable with anything else on two wheels.

In India, nothing, I mean nothing imaginable comes close to the stature of a Royal Enfield Bullet. The latest TVC from Royal Enfield named - "Hand Crafted in Chennai" is one of the most immaculate homage to that legacy.

Without much hoopla, jazzyness and dazzle, the message is clear, there are motorcycles, and then there are Royal Enfields. Even though I'm not a Royal Enfield guy, I cannot be left untouched by the sheer blast wave of madness this bike enjoys in India, and why not, brands have evolved, came and are by gone, but a Royal Enfield remains and the legacy continues. Royal Enfields, are a life style, they are part of life, they are in the blood stream, thumping through generations. No wonder why you get so many customizations of Royal Enfields all over India.

The message conveyed by the TVC is so so direct that you really feel teleported through your eyes. Have your speakers leveled high and you really feel goose bumps on your skin and an etch in your right wrist to try one of these. Hand Crafted in Chennai is easily the best motorcycle TVC I've seen in a long long time, it's probably the only best thing I've seen after the Pulsar Mania TVC.
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  1. Sajal, your statements, I can feel as I bought this dream power house. It’s not only all about 350cc, or look. Riding this beast, gives you a feeling like you are a king more precisely king of the kings. When i sit over my red beast, every fine edges and the grips, gives me the feeling like i am holding my girl and she devoted herself to me. When I start the engine, it sounds like a Lions roar, yelling that king is awake now. :):). This bike defines a different category among all the existing ones, and I think which can't be overtaken by any chance. This bike has the capacity to change your mind set for selecting your bike. It’s the miracle of Indian hands, which is ruling the hearts of bike lovers. They made a machine which is ruling the hearts of most powerful species over this planet, The Humans, and I think replacement is not possible :):).....

  2. Oh yeah man!!
    The only thing that Royal Enfield needs to pay attention to is the availability of service and spares, else there's no stopping to this thumper :)

  3. I agree with you Sajal bro,

    The quality has been solwly but surely improving on the Royal Enfield models. If the Spares and Service is taken care of, then there will be more Royal Enfield converts on our roads.

    I believe that as you grow older as a biker.. Royal Enfield bikes grow on you.

  4. Payeng Dude
    Absolutely, it's that relaxed, but yet powerful thrust of the Bullet that strikes the aging biker gray cell. It would be interesting to see if someday I develop a liking for it ;)

    Royal Enfields are surely a legacy which till date I believe hasn't got it's due

  5. Oh yes, I almost forgot.

    Beautiful Video :-)

  6. Yeah Bro, probably the best in a long long time!!


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