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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Honda CBR 250R officially launched in India

Well, the news first came out on 22nd March, 2011 that Honda India has officially launched the Honda CBR 250R in India, but for me the news is not official until and unless the official website is updated, because that's the first place I know for sure that I or a common man would get a confirmed update.

Finally, Honda India website has been updated, and it's now confirmed that Honda CBR 250R has been officially launched in India.

The international media has already sampled the bike and have presented their reviews, but the country where the bike is being manufactured alongside Indonesia, hasn't been able to see it in flesh until now.

This is seriously exciting time people. I'm not saying this because the Honda CBR 250R, is an absolute killer of it's competition, of it's the ultimate motorcycle that money can buy in India, but yes, it's definitely every bit value for money in India. A guy who can invest ₹1.25 lacs on Yamaha R15 or ₹1+ lacs on Hero Honda Karizma ZMR, can easily add a few more bucks and get the Honda CBR 250R, which is the most logical graduation of such avid riders.

As already known to most us that the Honda CBR 250R would be available in variants, the Standard and the C-ABS version. Both the variants are priced at -

Ex Showroom Delhi - ₹ 1,43,001
On-Road Delhi - ₹ 1,56,793

Ex Showroom Delhi - ₹ 1,68,001
On-Road Delhi - 1,84,062

The above prices are excluding the price of accessories (wonder what those would be), Extended Warranty or AMC

Well, thanks to the online motorcycle fraternity, the specs and every other intricate detail of the bike is already mugged up by most of us. The only thing that's remaining, is to see the bike in flesh and to get a test ride (which in the most general case would not be possible for at least the next 6-8 months for reasons which totally defy my logic)

So, it's a wait of few more days 14th April, 2011 when the deliveries actually start when we would start seeing the latest Honda kid zipping past you :)

Till then ride long, ride safe.
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