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Saturday, April 30, 2011

2011 Honda CBR 250R - First Impressions

Sexy lady in red... that's what you think when you see the 2011 Honda CBR 250R in flesh for the first time. A very attractive looking compact motorcycle, that is every bit a Honda as it can be. Sideways, the bike looks big, but I found that it looks more elegant than muscular, unlike the the Kawasaki Ninja 250R, which looks bigger and muscular. The lines and curves are very nicely cut and gel with the overall motorcycle contours.

Looking more like a bonsai VFR than a CBR, the CBR 250R, invites you to just hop on and leave the rest on the bike itself. Even though I didn't get to sit on the bike, but the seat of the bike is visibly low and should suit most riders. The seats are comfy and is very suitable for long hauls.

The fit and finish is good as well as compact. The quality of the plastic and paint is nice, but I really do feel that it could have been better. Very small itsy bitsy things, like the finishing of the clip-ons, the gas tank cap, the choice of plastic for the tail and the internals, left me wanting for more. But overall, the bike is very nicely built and looks very refreshing.

I didn't get a chance to fire the engine or to test ride it, but I was told that the test rides would be allowed during the first week of May, which got me real excited. The most important thing that I came to know was that the DELIVERIES WOULD START FROM THE 1ST WEEK OF MAY, WHICH IS FROM NEXT WEEK.

So, soon enough would would start seeing the 2011 Honda CBR 250R on road and what a treat to the senses that would be.

Stay tuned to ThrottleQuest.com for the full test ride report.

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  1. A photo of yourself on the bike would have given a perspective of the Size and ergonomics of the bike.

    Waiting for a test ride experience from your side

  2. I also thought for that... but since there was quite rush in showroom, they were not allowing anyone to sit on the bike. But yeah... I'm looking forward to the test ride sometime soon.

    As for the ergos, they are very relaxed, very much like the Ninja 250r.


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