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Monday, April 11, 2011

Bookings for Hyosung GT 650R and ST 7 opens from 20th April, 2011

The Garware Motors website has been updated and guess what has been updated!! The bookings for the Hyosung GT 650R and ST 7 would commence from 20th April, 2011.

Well, this is definitely, a superb news. The GT 650R and the ST 7 are definitely one of the highly anticipated machines from Hyosung's stable, to be released in India. The press has already sampled both the machines and have found both of them to be quite a value for money and satiable to the performance hunger for most. Definitely, there are some small niggling observations around handling and brakes, but things can definitely be improved on these wonderful platforms of sub 1000cc category motorcycle.

Though the power and torque figures are less than the more proven Japanese and European tech machines of the same engine capacity category, but the numbers are definitely more than enough for Indian conditions where you have to break before you twist your right wrist.

The future of both the bikes now relies in the hands of Garware Motors as to how they are able to support these machines. Definitely it's a huge first step and things won't be that easy, when we know how demanding the Indian customer base and market is. The Garware Motors website has not been updated with details of the dealerships across various cities. The only one dealership that I know of, which is under construction is in Mumbai. None that I'm aware of in the National Capital Region. So, I'm really hoping that as the bookings open, Garware Motors would look into this vital region of their sales strategy on a war footing. Another vital information which is still missing from the website is the ex-showroom prices. Nothing formally has been announced about the prices of both the bikes, but it's being said that GT 650R would be some where around ₹5 - ₹5.5 lacs ex-showroom and the ST 7 would be ₹6 - ₹6.5 lacs ex-showroom, but really nothing can be said about the pricing until and unless anything gets published officially.

It would be really interesting to see how Garware Motors manages all these logistics before the final delivery starts. Till then we can only hope for the best and think of exciting times ahead.

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