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Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Hero Honda Glamour and CBZ Extreme

Well, Hero Honda has gone for the revamp of two major products from it's stable, after the Hero and Honda split, and looks like, the Indian designers of Hero are in a state of utter shock and dismay on the departure of their Japanese counter parts of Honda. What has come out to be as the final products of the new Hero Honda Glamour and CBZ Extreme, is a true example of a set of people who are left stranded on an island and have no clue what so ever as to where to start from.

To say the truth, I personally never liked the looks of both the bikes, even, though, both the bikes held their ground quite well, in the segment portfolio for Hero Honda. But then, it was very visible, that Glamour suffered in the presence of other 125cc, specially after the advent of the CB Stunner, and the CBZ Extreme was almost cannibalized by it's own sibling, the Hero Honda Hunk, apart from getting a beating from the other 150cc bikes in the market. So, if the current think tank at Hero are thinking that the current revamp of both the machines is gonna change that trend, then in my opinion, it's an uphill task on a very steep slope and summit from here is not even visible.

The previous model of the Hero Honda Glamour/Glamour Fi, looked much more refreshing as compared to the revamped version, from every aspect. The features which have been revamped for the new Glamour/Glamour Fi are -
  1. New graphics
  2. Analog and Digital meter console
  3. New headlamp visor
  4. Aerodynamic (??) Tank Air Scoops
  5. New Exhaust muffler
From the technical specs nothing has changed for the new Glamour.

The same prodigy extends itself to the new CBZ Extreme, where the earlier version looks absolutely stunning in front of the current one.

With the 2011 Hero Honda CBZ Extreme, Hero Honda actually took it's legacy to the next level. Somehow they managed to make the CBZ Extreme, which was already not one of best looker, look even worse. I mean what the hell Hero Honda was thinking!! Just look at the disc brakes, they look coming straight out of the 1969 Honda CB750.

The revamped features of the new CBZ Extreme are -
  1. New Analog-Digital meter console
  2. Clip ons
  3. New Secure Ignition Switch with Key Shutter
  4. Anti Drag Fuel Tank Scoops (??)
  5. New Head Lamp fairing
  6. Front and Rear (optional) Disc
  7. Split seats
  8. Remodeled tail
  9. New Exhaust muffler
For new CBZ Extreme too, none of the specs has changed apart from the above mentioned.

The complete bike looks very badly out of proportion to say the least. It seems like the Designers and Engineers were in a fit to complete a product over night and somehow managed to hit the dead line.

Really the fate of the two new releases from Hero Honda's stable are dangling in doldrums and now it's up to the trusted customer base of Hero Honda as to how they react.
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  1. its difficult for me to even comment :-)

  2. Payeng Dude,
    Really man, the moves are Hero Honda is fast becoming quite frantic in nature, as if they are giving their all in their last effort to hold the ground and in that process they are ruining their products.

  3. when the hero honda new cbz extreme come into the market when the bookings are open in visakhapatnam

  4. In all possibilities, both the bikes should be available with in a span of 15 days to a max of 30 days. The availability of the bikes would vary from dealership to dealership though. Also, it's highly likely that there would be any booking of any sort on the cosmetic upgrades. The new CBZ Extreme didn't had any booking what so ever back when it was launched the first time here in Gurgaon.

  5. I had one dream about new cbz.
    1.back disc-here ok
    2.split seat- here ok
    3.digital meter-here ok
    4.2 pece handle bar- here ok but not good,its bigger than pulsar's.
    5.17"wheels-here 18", alloy not good.old one was good.
    6.bigger front shocks- but here same as old one
    7.front total height less than back height- but here opposite.

  6. is the 2011 cbz xtreme fuel tank side cover(Anti Drag Fuel Tank Scoops) removable?...I think it would look much better that way.

    the only thing I like abot it is Analog-Digital meter console and rear disk...it was necessary. I have riden the old cbz xtreme and wow! amaizing 110 feels nothing no fear of flying without pillion rider.

    Sajal if I remove the side cover will it look bad??

  7. @Anonymous

    Well I would say that so called Anti Drag Fuel Tank Scoop do look a soar eye, but the thing is there would be on-tank fitments on which the scoops are attached, would be exposed. If you can handle those in someway then definitely go ahead, remove the scoops

  8. I would say the new CBZ Extreme would sound to you much better if you can take full demonstration of the bike and then the test ride. There are all together 26 changes been with CBZ Extreme and every feature has its own benefit as per user's requirement.

  9. @Arghadeep

    Thanks man. I would definitely take a test drive of the new CBZ Extreme.


Item Reviewed: New Hero Honda Glamour and CBZ Extreme Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Sajal
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