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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

16 more days for the Kawasaki Ninja 650R

The official Bajaj Probiking website has been updated and this time, the website contains an announcement. The website officially announces that the Kawasaki Ninja 650R is just 16 days away from hitting the showrooms near you, i.e by 8th-9th of June, 2011. Now that's some news to end the day with.

It was around a month back when Bajaj first updated the Probiking website, mentioning the next big Ninja, the 650R or the ER-6f, is coming soon. Since then, the motorcycling cyber space in India has been filled with speculations and announcements of various genres. As a principle, ThrottleQuest always stays away from such lame speculations and claims, which don't have any firm base and until and unless there's something official, because that's what matters the most to a common man.

Many see the Ninja 650R as a direct competitor of the Hyosung GT650R, but a rational mind would easily know that, it's not the case. But in a nascent market like India, that's how the customer reaction would be. As we have already discussed in our Ninja 650R and Hyosung GT650R comparison, both the motorcycles belong to completely different genres, and a true motorcyclist would know what to go for.

Everything said and done, at times when fuel prices are shooting towards the heaven and taking Indian citizens to hell, the launch of bigger motorcycles and their market acceptability would be debated and I only hope that such debates bring out a sense development and sanity within our mentally paralyzed government and they see beyond the envelop.

ThrottleQuest is definitely excited and is hoping for the best future for motorcycling in India.
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  1. Probably the rising fuel prices is an indication that we should have our share of fun on our IC engines as soon as possible before the oil wells dry up.


  2. More than the oil wells getting dried up, it's the soaring greed of the government which is taking toll on us.

    Really looking forward to the Ninja 650R :)


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