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Thursday, May 19, 2011

2011 Yamaha FZ-S

It has been quite a while since Yamaha had released anything that excited the market. The SZ and SZ-R, even though good machines, were not able make it to much, based on the number of bikes I see on road.

The FZ series, Fazer and R15 are still the life savers for Yamaha's sales and Yamaha realizes very well. From time to time, Yamaha has tried to refresh the FZ series and very soon (if news flows are to be believed) Yamaha would soon be launching the refreshed R15, just to keep the juice fresh in the market.

But before we can see a new Yamaha R15, the FZ-S series has got new colors and stickers for their 2011 portfolio. Apart from the change in graphics, the entire FZ series has got kick lever (wonder why Yamaha would do that) as standard. The rest of the spec and look remains the same. The good thing that Yamaha has done, is that, the price remains more or less same, so basically it's a no loss no gain situation for both existing buyers of FZ and the new buyers alike. Having seen the recent upgrade of the FZ, it would be interesting to see when the R15 upgrade comes over.

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  1. Yamaha FZ-S is designed and engineered with the potential for active and even aggressive enjoyment of around-town street riding and styling that brings pride of ownership

  2. @Tata Safari Storm India
    Absolutely, the FZ series is undoubtedly the most gorgeous machine to own these days in it's category.


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