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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Need Motorcycle Gears - Go Online

Finding good quality and dependable motorcycle gears has always been a challenge for me. I can always go to the local markets here at Karol bagh, New Delhi, but some how I've always felt that un-satisfied feeling in me, when I browse through the available options. Every dealer is kinda selling me only what he has (well, actually he can only sell me what he has), and bad mouthing the stuffs that he doesn't deal in, and that's exactly where I get frustrated. There's a constant bend towards taking the end customer for a ride and showing rigidity towards providing solutions as per customer's requirements.

Well, I'm sure I know my stuff and what I want, but find it has always been a challenge. There are two possible ways out of this - either you know a very dependable outlet, of which you are regular customer or you go online with your list. The first option is not always the case with most of us, and that holds certainly for me to a very large extent. So, the only option that's left, is to go online. But when you need to hand pick a select few from a warehouse of the dimension of the Internet, you need to know exactly what to look for and where to look for. There are quite a few options available over the net, but most of them are either foreign sources, from where sourcing the motorcycle gear would cost you a fortune, or they do not provide much information. But again, there are a select few who really provide quality gear and support for motorcycles. So, let's see some of these on-line stores which give you services best in the class.

Some of the most trusted on-line stores that I would be reviewing here are -
  1. DSG
  2. Cramster
  3. Pune based Bachoo Motors
  4. Delhi based KRP
  5. Delhi based RAW Adventures
  6. and for those who want foreign stuffs, we have MotorcycleGear

DSG or Dream Sports Gear is easily the most premium online store in India who have some really premium stuffs including international brands like Alpinestar. Not only they deal with riding gears, they also have a vast stock of accessories for imported motorcycles. DSG has a huge collection of Helmets, Riding suits (Jackets, Pants and complete Suits), Gloves, Boots, Performance parts and other accessories. It's a one stop shop in real terms. Even though at first glance, it might seem that rates are a bit high, the quality is worth it every penny. The website is very user friendly to navigate and the best part is, you can place the order online and the website in-corporates a 3-D secure payment gateway for making the online transactions as secure as possible.

DSG makes a prompt delivery of the purchase made at max by 4 days from the day the purchase made.

The next best thing online for shopping motorcycle gear in India is the Cramster. A small little website, with great heart I would say. Though Cramster only deals with motorcycle gears like Gloves, Jackets, Pants, Boots, Elbow and Knee guards other than touring luggage and bags, Cramster is the place you would want to be if you are on a budget. But before you set your expectations high, remember that you would not be getting the huge range over here like you would get at Planet DSG and Cramster is not a multi-brand undertaking.

Everything that you get at Cramster is made and marketed by Cramster only. Also, Cramster does not have other accessories and performance parts. As I said earlier, it's a sweet little website and is the place to be if you want good stuff but at a lower budget. Cramster prefers stuffs being purchased from their outlet at Bangalore, for which the address is -

110A, Westminster, Cunningham Road, Bangalore - 560092
Phone: +91-80-41519713 | +91-98800-89225

But, for other cities, you can add Cramster's account to your third party transfer list or you can visit Cramster's E-bay channel for transactions through Credit Card.

This name needs no introduction to people around Mumbai and Pune. Dealing mainly in RJays and LeoVince, Bachoo Motors have a large and amazing inventory to RJays motorcycle gears including Helmets, Jackets, Gloves, Boots, Leathers. Bachoo Motors also has a large collection of helmets from other reputed manufacturers like AVG, MOMO, STM and Vega.

The website is very intuitively designed and it's fun to browse through the different options available, and specially so, when there are so many high quality options are available at your disposal. The website does not provide you with any direct B2C interface, but in the "Contact Us" the bank details are provided which can be added to one's account to make online bank transfers. The order are needed to be mailed at - zulfi@bachoomotors.com, which is then couriered to at the address of your choice once the payment is received.

KRP or Kaulson Racing Products is for Delhi & NCR region, what Bachoo Motors is for Mumbai & Pune region. KRP might not have many branded stuffs, but they definitely have a huge inventory of motorcycle gears and accessories. Apart from motorcycle gears and accessories, KRP also do performance and cosmetic motorcycle mods, and their KRP exhaust charger has quite a presence amongst enthusiasts. KRP also involved in provide service facilities to imported motorcycles and they have a huge collection of after markets for imported motorcycles. The best part is, most of the after markets available at KRP, has been designed and developed in-house with high standards of quality and reliability.

KRP does not support online transaction, and all facilities are available at their workshop at -

A-20, Naraina Industrial Area, Phase-2,
New Delhi - 110028, INDIA

Raw Adventures is more of an enthusiast undertaking to provide quality motorcycle accessories and reasonable price tag. Raw Adventures caters primarily to riding protective gear and touring bags. Catering primarily to the Delhi & NCR region, Raw Adventures also have dealers in Hyderabad and Mumbai. Currently no online transactions are available, but the site does provide some good product tour features and also gives you an idea of the estimated price. But the thing that would attract any customer to Raw Adventure is the quality of the stuffs available and the very reasonable price tag.

Some requirements just cannot be quenched within the country so, the way out is to look for foreign stores. But how do you know that the foreign store is dependable and would ship to the product to your address in India. Well, most of that concern is very true, but there's one site which is as secure and dependable as it can get. Motorcycle Gear (previously known as New Enough) is an online super store so to speak. A huge collection of all your motorcycling needs all in a single place. The best part is that they ship to India and the delivery charges are comparatively nominal enough. Another good feature of this website is that they provide you with "Closeouts" wherein you get heavy discounts on selected products. So, if you are looking for some real premium stuff from abroad in the most secure and safe way, then Motorcycle Store is the place to be.

The quest to get the best for your bike and for yourself when riding a motorcycle, is a never ending one and this quest leads to discoveries and opening new horizons. There are many online stores available, but I found the ones above to be the most exclusive.

Till next time, happy riding and ride safe.
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  1. hey, i have this bike event coming up...
    any idea, from where can i get riding gear(jacket,boots,gloves) on rent basis????

  2. @karan,

    if you are from Delhi region then, you can try the Karol Bagh area, but personally I wouldn't recommend that, one for heigene reasons and second, the quality and maintenance of those riding gear would never be upto the mark of providing proper protection.

  3. Hey Sajal - great summary for any rider. Appreciate your effort. I am looking for a group tour in NCR if you know any! I am from Mumbai/ Pune and recently moved here to Gurgaon

    1. Hey Amit,

      Welcome to Gurgaon and ThrottleQuest.com. Not sure what are you looking for in Group Tour, but it's something like a Tourist tour, then you might want to visit the CP (Cannaught Place) area of New Delhi, it's a big place in New Delhi, and you would find a lot of tourist agents there.

      But if it's something else you are looking for, then do let me know, I would try to help out :)

      P.S. I'm from Gurgaon too :)

  4. Hey sajal -i m frm west bengal . . I want to buy DSG riding jackets . . So can u plz tell me frm ver i cn purchase it onl9. . Realiable website

    1. @Anonymous

      Well man, the Planet DSG official website is the first in the list in my post :)

      It's the best place from where you can have DSG products

  5. Well summarized and very informative.

    Ride safe.


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