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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ducati's next gen Super Bike - Face Lifted

History is repeating itself. Like it happened just prior to the launch of the Ducati Diavel, it's happening the same with the so called 2012 Ducati Xtreme 1199. The web space is getting flooded with the so called spy shots, which look like a deliberate leak and more of a publicity stunt.

Motociclismo.it has released, the "Face" of the 2012 Ducati "Xtreme". To quote Motociclismo.it -

Milan - This is not a prototype or even disguised as a graphic interpretation developed by Motorcycling. No, none of this: we got hold of photos of the heir to the 1198 version and the final road. It's called Xtreme, and will mark the biggest technical breakthrough of the last two decades Ducati.

A wonderful summary of news: the revolutionary frame for moving the clutch, for distribution, for the fluid, the components for the suspension design. On Motorcycling in July, accompanied by annotations and stylistic techniques, high resolution pictures will take you to the discovery of the "beast" ... as if we were already at the Milan Show, when the red most anticipated of all time will be officially presented.

Interestingly, the 185bhp V-Twin prototype was most recently captured being tested by non other than former WSBK champion Troy Bayliss.

As of now Motociclismo claims to publish more pictures of the bike in it's print publication, so be prepared to see more "Spy Shots" before the motorcycle finally gets unveiled in the Milan Motor show in November this year.
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  1. "Spy Shots" :-)

    By the way, I can clearly see your inclination for the 600-100 cc exotic crotch rockets.

    But when it comes to me, I consider them toys for rich boys. Heck I don't even dream of them.. maybe I have become too old

  2. Payeng Dude

    If I get a chance, then I would love to spy on the people who come up with these "Spy Shots" and I'm pretty much sure, I'll be knocking the door of the parent company pretty soon ;)

    The quest of throttle quest is not only to explore motorcycles and motorcycling, but above all it's a quest to explore yourself and challenge yourself. The crotch rockets come to me as a challenge, which give me an opportunity to explore my limits. I would say, it's not about the age, it's about what kind of challenge I want to give to myself. Riding a SBK at the age of say 40-45 is a challenge, both mentally and physically at a time when a cruiser would seem more apt.

    So, hell yeah.. I'm in for the challenge :)

  3. More than the challenge its my Bank Balance actually which limits my dreams



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