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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hero MotoCorp's first motorcycle spied

This is an era of spies, where an entire network of automobile spies are always on the road with their hand held cameras (with starved pixel resolution), who have only one motive in their mind, going for the kill - I mean, bring the latest to the eager population, gazing their computer screen for the latest.

The Yamaha R15 is now stale and stinking, but the fun is only beginning, and the latest in the lot is the old wine in new bottle, Hero MotoCorp. AutoCar published the first spy shot (I'm dead sure that there would be zillions to follow) of what looks like an off-roader in development from the new kid on the block, with a veteran worth of experience. Hero MotoCorp is taking things on a war footage and in all rights, it should. Hero MotoCorp's first emphasis should be on selecting the right motorcycle, potent technology (after the exit of it's Japanese think tank) and appropriate branding in order to make a new and profound impression in this competitive market and it looks like it's doing just that.

The heavily camouflaged makes it really hard work to identify the key features, but the features which seems clear enough are -
  • High floating front mud-guard
  • Long travelling front telescopic fork
  • Probably rear-mono shock suspension
  • Left Hand Side mount front disc with drum rear
  • Massive body panels
  • Comfortable seating posture
  • The design of the exhaust pipe indicates an under-seat or parallel seat exhaust
  • Ample ground clearance

I'm really hoping that Hero MotoCorp, would display some prototype and provide some insight on the pattern of future technology and innovations it would in-corporate in it's stable during it's 9th August, 2011 launch in London.
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  1. Bold new step taken by Hero. Heartening to see someone trying something new in India

  2. Yups absolutely!! Would be very exciting to see the final product or at least the prototype on 9th August!!


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